Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

My hopes for 2010: no terrorist atrocities, an end (some hope) to rampant greedy shallow materialistic capitalism, a return to a sensible immigration policy in GB and the resurrection of Christianity.
Not much to ask for really!
Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Hypocrisy of Whining Labour over Akmal Shaikh

With regards to the story of the execution in China of British (?) man Akmal Shaikh - where do I start.
There are so many angles to this.
1) If you go to a foreign country then you obey their laws - but of course we bend our laws and customs to suit foreigners who come here so maybe we expect them to do the same for us. But China are not 'soft touch China'.
2) Are the Labour party in attacking the Chinese for doing what they did just being imperialistic? 'That's not our way' they shrill. No it's the Chinese way.
3) We do not have the death penalty in Britain. Do we not? How often nowadays do we hear of the police in Britain shooting dead someone or other on the street? No judge, no jury, no trial, no appeal - and no mental health assessment. It happens a lot and is of course sanctioned by the government. We also export the death sentence - most notably at the moment to Afghanistan - where our troops fight and kill people who produce drugs which brings me nicely to Mr Shaikh!

He was a drug smuggler and roughly 5,000 people a year die in Britain from drug 'misuse' although I bet a little more trawling of the Internet could find a higher figure. So guilty of the crime of potential mass murder he was probably deserving of the death sentence to be honest.

5) He was bipolar? Really? This is open to debate - and a bit of a slight against all the (99% I should imagine) of law abiding bipolar people out there.

So, the Labour government are in my opinion on this issue patronisingly imperialistic, are PRO death penalty (as long as no courts are involved - just the summarily execution of people by the military or the police) and therefore hypocrites AND should recognise that while China are one end of the extreme regarding drug sentencing we are the other having just given a similar drug mule in Britain a pathetic two and a half years.
To Foreign Office minister Ivan Lewis etc I say: stop whining and take a good look at yourselves!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Britain a Terrorist Training Camp?

Pretty good stuff from Melanie Phillips here today regarding Britain being a hub of Islamic extremism.
She's right.
We're sooooooooooo PC that we just cannot even start to get to grips with this huge potentially catastrophic problem.
I'm sure that our liberal masters would be quite happy for us to become an Islamic republic but -shhhh - they must do it quietly, don't want to wake up the plebs who may then turn nasty.
Unfettered immigration (plenty of white, right wing, working class, Christian, Polish amongst these though - a bit of a fly in the ointment for the liberals), the marginalisation and subtle ridiculing of the Christian faith, political correctness and the God of multiculturalism rammed down our throats at EVERY turn (particularly on children's TV it seems) are the weapons of choice of the liberal elite.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, but if Britain is - as Iraq and Afghanistan are/were - hotbeds of radical Islamist terrorist training camps should the USA now perhaps be looking at invading us?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

It IS Actually 'Christmas'

Widely reported over the last few days is the story of the police in London who removed the word 'Christmas' from a poster about 'Christmas' policing levels in case it offended those who 'do not buy into Christmas'!
'Buy into'?
Whether people 'buy into' it or not it is Christmas that we are celebrating. It is Christmas day.
If people don't believe in Jesus or God or Christianity or Santa Claus or Father Christmas or even the Pagan side of things they still (in Britain at least) generally speaking take the day off work. Also people of other faiths do actually (again in Britain at least) celebrate Christmas day as do atheists.
What are the police playing at?
Is it all a part of the slow creeping destruction by stealth from within of particularly Christianity and of traditional Britain?

Saturday, 26 December 2009

British Street

Have a look at the photograph in the article in The Mail here - is this a British street?
Of course it is.
Are the Mail up to something using that photo?
Added at 11:38pm Boxing Day:

!!!!!!!!!! - The ORIGINAL photo was of a street full,of people of ethnic minorities. The Mail has now changed it. Enough said.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Festive questions:
A)What is Christmas? - A Pagan festival? A Christian festival? A capitalist/consumerist/materialist festival?
B)What is Britain? - A Christian country? A Muslim country? A heathen country?
Answers (according to me): A) A Christian festival, B) A Christian country.
My opinion only of course.
Happy Christmas.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Poverty in Wales?

I went to a concert in my local Church yesterday in aid of Save the Children (a worthy cause of course) and noticed in the event programme that there are (so it said) 192,000 children in Wales living in poverty.This seemed a bit high to me - for a country of only 3 million people.It seemed even higher when I found out that there are only 600,000 children in Wales!
So 1 in 3 children in Wales live in poverty? I don't think so - not real poverty anyhow.
So I looked into how poverty is measured in Britain (and elsewhere?) and it is thus: any person who has an income less than 60% of the average income is classed as living in poverty.
This is obviously an insane way to judge 'poverty' for if, for instance, every household in Wales had an income of a million pounds a year then all those on less than £600,000 a year would be classed as poor!
With this system there can be no end to poverty unless we all earn the same (communism?) which means that even if we all have an annual income of just £2.50 then as long as we all have the same income then there is no poverty.
Utter rubbish.
They are seeking equality in income and not an eradication of poverty.
Real poverty to me is not truly experienced nowadays in the West.
Compare us to Africa or the slums of Calcutta.
Does anyone actually believe that there are 192,000 children in Wales hungry and barefoot? Who is behind all of this manipulation and what are they up to?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

David Cameron on TalkSport

David Cameron was on TalkSport radio today and was asked about immigration and of course he was oh so concerned about it. But when pressed by the presenters he said that he thought people's concerns about immigration were only a matter of numbers and had absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity, culture, religion or the social make up of whole towns/cities changing.
When one of the presenters (Mike Parry I think) said that maybe Mr Cameron was a little out of touch with the public on this issue he said that he most certainly was not, and that he speaks to members of the public every week about immigration and their only concerns about it were the numbers coming in and not cultural in any way shape or form (he also said that as long as the number of people coming in and the number leaving more or less matched then that was okay).
He also thought that the French burkha banning thing was going too far as was the Swiss vote on banning minarets.
So, in Mr Cameron's eyes if, say, a million white British Christians leave Britain every year and are replaced by a million Asian Pakistani Muslims then that's okay, and as long as the numbers balance then the good old British public won't mind being effectively 'replaced' in their homeland one bit.
'Out of touch' doesn't come close.
So for all those going to vote Tory because they think that they'll be strong on immigration and support a Christian Britain over an Islamic one - wake up!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Temperatures Set to 'Plummet'!

'Temperatures set to plummet to -3c' says the headline in The Mail online.
What?! -3c!!!! It's December - it's supposed to be freezing. This is not news. Whenever we have anything like normal winter weather nowadays we get pathetic sensationalist headlines like this.
For your information, in my neck of the woods (Wales) the lows for previous December's (recorded by myself) are as follows:
2008 -6.3
2007 -5.3
2006 -4.2
2005 -8.5
2004 -6.3
2003 -5.1
2002 -2.4
2001 -7.0
2000 -10.0
1999 -9.9
1986 -3.0
1985 -10.0
1984 -2.9
1983 -6.9
1981 -11.1
The record low for Wales (it was a January) is -23.3.
So as you can see -3.0 is NOT exactly 'plummeting' and the media know that.
What's going on with them?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gay Bishop Row

The row about the election of a (second) openly gay Bishop in the Anglican Church in the USA was most notable to me for a comment on the BBC News website that came out during the row: 'conservatives say that the Bible unequivocally outlaws homosexuality, while liberals believe that the Bible should be reinterpreted in the light of contemporary wisdom'.
If the Bible is the word of God are we to 'reinterpret' it? Reinterpret the word of God? Contemporary wisdom? Or modern trendy PC thinking?
If anyone who believes that the Bible is the word of God really wants to reinterpret His word then they're foolish.
I think that people who wish to reinterpret the Bible don't actually believe that it is the word of God.
They just see the Church as some club that they're a member of.
Maybe they should join some other club.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Egging of Baroness Warsi

Quite big in the news this week was the 'egging' (by fellow Muslims) of Baroness Warsi, the Tory peer.
She was accused by the 'eggers' of not being a proper Muslim. One of them (Sayful Islam, a well known hardliner) said that just by looking at her you could tell that she was not a proper Muslim and that she was not a practising Muslim. He also said that he was against everything that she stands for and criticised her for supporting the war in Afghanistan.
The Baroness said afterwards that the 'eggers' were extremists who did not represent their community or faith - just like Nick Griffin. Quite how she can bring Nick Griffin into this I really don't know!!! (Still hurting after Question Time?)
But anyhow, who out of Sayful Islam - who is a man of conviction whatever you may think of his views - or Baroness Warsi - a career politician - best represents the word of Mohammed?
Game set and match to Sayful Islam I think.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Climate Change Morons

Twice this week on the radio (probably more if I'd paid attention) I've heard people making excuses for things using 'climate change' as a statement of fact.
First I heard someone from the Cumbrian authorities saying that the floods that they've just suffered are going to become more common as a result of 'climate change' and that the government (taxpayer) needs to address that.
Second I heard someone from Thames Water complaining about not being allowed to charge people just what they like saying that 'climate change' is a major problem for water companies and the government (water rates payers) needs to address that.
Climate change is a theory not a fact.
The government is using 'climate change' as a cash cow, we all (I hope) know that.
Now all the fat cat local authority leaders and fat cat utility companies are trying to cash in as well.
Do any of them actually know anything about so called 'climate change'? Probably not.
It's just a cliche, a bit of an Oliver Twist 'more please' for extra cash.
Very interesting stuff here actually.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

David Cameron's Islamic Schools Claim

It has been claimed today in Parliament (by David Cameron) that the government has funded - to the tune of £113,000 - two Islamic schools in England that promote Islamic extremism.
I don't know if this allegation is true or not (it was made by a politician of after all) but, if it is true does that mean that Great Britain is funding Islamic terrorism/training camps?
If that's true then are we now going to be invaded by the USA?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Not So Brave Harry Brown

Harry Brown - Michael Caine's latest blockbuster - is receiving, in the main, rave reviews. If you didn't know, it's a sort of British Death Wish movie with Caine playing an elderly vigilante who tackles a violent gang in London.
People falling over themselves to heap praise on the film gush about it tackling 'difficult issues' etc etc.
Problem: any figures you care to look at will tell you that the majority of gangs in London are black (90% according to some sources) with the second largest percentage being southern Asian. So what percentage does that leave for white gangs? Not much, so you've guessed it (or seen it) the gang in Caine's film are white.
So there's still one 'difficult issue' that this so called brave film is unwilling to tackle.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

We're all Chinese Now

It has been widely reported this week that human remains have been found in China that pre-date the previous earliest dated human remains that were found in Africa by quite a few thousands of years.
So, for all the people who say 'we're all African' can we now say to them 'no we're all Chinese now actually'?

British Population To Hit 74 Million

It is reported today by the Office For National Statistics that they expect the population of Great Britain to grow to an amazing 74 million people within the next 20 years.
The rise, they say will be driven mainly by immigration and the high birth rates of immigrants and ethnic minorities.
Even the stupid among us can now surely see that white people will be a minority in this land within a couple of generations.
Does this matter? Does mass immigration matter? If there are free and open borders - as advocated by the Liberal Party and the Greens (and I think secretly by the Tories, and not so secretly by the Labour party if 'the proof of the pudding' is anything to go by) then if there are these free and open borders we can also travel/emigrate freely. One world one nation one race etc. But that's no good at the moment really because with free and open borders and the free movement of people economies would collapse. So at the moment at least (ever?) 'free movement' I don't think is sustainable. In an ideal - and perhaps non capitalist - world maybe (arguably) it would be. I personally think that most migrants are economic migrants so is capitalism (and corruption) the real driver of immigration? If every country in the world had a decent and fair economy with good social conditions for the people then they would by and large have no great desire to move I think. But that's not easy to achieve!

What about white people in Britain becoming the new ethnic minority in their home land? Does this matter? In left wing thinking this clearly does not matter. Left wing ideology is supposedly colour blind.
But in my view multiculturalism just is not working. There are massive tensions brought on by it, through cultural differences, religion and yes, race. It's not working (even according to Trevor Phillips), so until it does work (and I honestly don't think it can) then one particular race being ethnically cleansed from it's homeland is wrong, be that race Blacks in Africa, Asians in Asia, Native Americans in America etc etc - or Whites in Europe.

Labour, Liberal, Conservative or The Greens WILL NOT tackle immigration. Period. The Liberals and the Greens don't want to and won't really claim to while Labour and the Tories will both talk tough but both are committed to Europe and multiculturalism (ask them), so they won't tackle it either.

So who will? UKIP? Maybe. The BNP? Definitely.
So there it is, the reality. You either accept/embrace that Britain will soon become a non white (minority white), non Christian, very overcrowded country or you vote BNP.
An easy choice for some a 'devil and the deep blue sea' choice for others.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Politically Correct Wanted Poster

A man has been arrested in connection with more than 100 sex attacks in London dating back to 1990.
The attackers victims have been between the ages of 63 and 93.
The police have been obviously looking for him for years now and he has been reported by his victims to be black.
A little while ago the police produced an artists impression of the attacker. Here it is:
As you can see the artists impression is of a white man.
What can I say?!
A politically correct wanted poster?
It's a bit more serious than that really isn't it?

Friday, 13 November 2009

Disgusting Footballers

Every time I watch football on TV and there is a close up of a player during the game they are always either spitting, swearing or emptying their noses.
Disgusting really.
Bad mannered millionaires. Nothing new there.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hypocrite Simon Cowell

I know that I shouldn't blog about the X Factor but having watched tonight's farce I just can't help it.
NOT going over the details of the show my point is this: Simon Cowell is a spineless hypocrite - he has said all along that JedWard should not be in the contest and that if they won he'd leave the country. So tonight he had the chance to kick them off the show - the chance he'd been waiting for, and... he bottled it - no, not bottled it actually, you see JedWard give the show publicity which equals money which is all Cowell cares about obviously.
He didn't kick them off and as a result of this someone else (talented) got kicked off.
So, in essence, Simon Cowell is a money grubbing spineless lying hypocrite (allegedly).
I feel better now.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Last night was of course Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, or Fireworks Night. It's Guy Fawkes Night to me though as it is all about Guy Fawkes.
In my youth (the 1970's) we kids/teenagers used to build giant bonfires in the week building up to Guy Fawkes Night. We would go around people's houses knocking the doors and asking them if they had anything for the bonfire and they'd always give us old clothes, piles of old newspapers and the like - we always ended up with at least one settee by the way! We also used to go into the local woods gathering fallen branches etc.
And then there was the Guy. A clumsy bag of rags cobbled together with an old hat plonked on top for good measure. We'd do 'penny for the Guy' and with the cash we'd get we'd buy fireworks.
Each housing estate in my home town had it's own bonfire and the night of Nov 4th we would have to keep guard of the fire because lads from the other estates would come to set fire to ours prematurely! We were no angels in that respect either.
There was only one 'organised' (by the Scouts) event in the town.
How times have changed.
In my town (and most others I fear) there are no unofficial bonfires. Health and safety.
There are now actually no 'official' bonfires in my home town. Too expensive insurance.
What we have now is a firework display provided by the local council (very good as it happens) and a Chinese lantern procession. What?! Chinese lanterns!!
What the hell has that got to do with Guy Fawkes night?
Last year we had a display by Romanian fire dancers!
No mention this year or last of Guy Fawkes. Do kids know what it's about (5th Nov)?
Another British tradition disfigured by trendy left wing 'inclusive' multiculturalism I'm afraid.
And this is in not particularly multicult or 'right on' Wales - I can't imagine what's going on in some of the inner cities (I can and have read about it actually).
All these little things are adding up to the eventual complete erosion of our traditions and way of life.
This is not a rant against ethnic minorities but against the mainly WHITE liberal British hating people who have somehow seized power without any of us actually noticing!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Trick or Treat Integration

Whilst out trick or treating tonight with my five year old daughter I came across many other people with young children also trick or treating.
Amongst these trick or treater's were several Polish families.
I wondered if trick or treat was popular in Poland and they were just carrying it on over here. But a Google search when I got in revealed that trick or treat is not popular or even particularly celebrated in Poland.
So what I saw on the street tonight was integration. Immigrants integrating into our way of life (and quickly - they haven't been here long of course).
This is, in my opinion, how it should be. Others immigrants take note.
Hats off to the Poles (witches hats)!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The BNP and The Sun Newspaper

The widely reported YouGov poll regarding the BNP was unarguably the best showing the BNP has ever had in an opinion poll and a major boost to the party. However, The Sun newspaper reported this breakthrough news for the BNP as such (I paraphrase): 'Backlash hits BNP chief as two thirds of voters say that they would never back his party after his vile TV outburst'.
All the other newspaper reports on this poll (and the BBC) have reported this as pretty good news for the BNP. Not The Sun though.
This to me speaks volumes of what The Sun thinks of the intelligence of it's readers, and I put a comment saying so on The Sun's website but they didn't publish it of course.
Most of the readers comments however echoed my sentiments in one way or another.
Whether a newspaper loves or loathes the BNP (and they all loathe them it seems) I think that they should at least report them honestly.
Some chance!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time Mob

I don't think anyone can have made up their minds one way or another about the BNP by watching last night's question time. But I think people will have made up their minds about the opponents of the BNP ie: the left wing mob of an audience and the spiteful arrogant bullying panel and chair.
For Nick Griffin I think this is 'job done'.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fat Cats Grow Fatter as People Line up to Kick the Posties

Read this and weep. As people join in the kicking and grinding into the dirt of the lazy postmen (on £8.50 an hour) the bankers who have ruined the country (just last year actually) are now getting wonderfully huge bonuses once again (Goldman Sachs is paying each of it's bankers a £440,000 bonus amongst other disgusting absurdities).
When the government and Royal Mail (aided by the press and public opinion) batter the postmen into submission it will be one up to the likes of the bankers and greedy fat cat bosses in general - the boss of Royal Mail by the way earns £3 million per year.
The less money and more work that people like the postmen will have to do will mean of course more money for the fat cats.
When the postmen fall who will they come for next? You?

Friday, 16 October 2009

These People Are Not From Wales

This story today has rightly made some headlines. But I don't like the gist of it. We hear this:
A woman from Wales raped by members of her own family ...

The three men, all from Cardiff, had denied the charges but were found guilty of rape and indecency after a trial...
The step-uncle, 55, and stepfather were jailed indeterminately, with terms recommended of 20 and 15 years respectively, while her brother-in-law, 27, was jailed for 12 years....

And then at the end (in what I'd call the small print) was:
The court was told that both the step-uncle and stepfather are illegal immigrants, who will be deported after they have served their sentences.

I'm almost afraid to say this in these PC times but these people aren't in my book 'from Wales', they most certainly aren't 'Welsh' and I think I know the news reporters know that. These people are Indian as it happens. Sikhs. Illegals in fact.
I've nothing against Indians, nothing against Sikhs. In fact I have quite a lot of time for Sikhs.
BUT...these people are not Welsh. They are not from Wales.
If I stowed away on a boat for example, and jumped off say on Sri Lanka, and raped some people, then if the Sri Lankan press reported that a 'man from Sri Lanka' had raped some people then it would be bullshit of course because I would not be a man from Sri Lanka but a man from Britain (Wales as it happens in my case) but this is not how things are reported in namby pamby all luvvy together Britain.
Look out for it.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Made in China, Sweatshop Britain and Royal Mail!

I went shopping yesterday. I bought some pants, two different brands, both made in China.I bought some socks, again two different brands again both made in China.I bought a belt - made in China of course.
I couldn't seem to buy anything that wasn't made in China.
Everything nowadays seems to be made in China - or Vietnam is apparently another popular place for manufacturing at the moment.
I can of course see the attraction for big business to the likes of China what with it's sweatshops paying pennies to people working long unregulated hours in poor conditions to manufacture goods that they then sell on to us for ££££££££££'s.
Strange as this may seem I've drawn a parallel between sweatshop China and the current Royal Mail dispute (see a previous post for a postman's - mine - view of events). In Britain, Trades Unions have fought for years to end sweatshop practices (it's not that long ago after all that we were sending children down the mines, into the mills and up chimneys etc), but as I say we've stopped all of that now. We've moved on and secured decent pay and conditions for the average working man and stopped child labour of course.
What we have going on in this country at the moment is I believe an all out attack (by big business) on the working man (I'm starting to sound like a Socialist here - a right wing Socialist? Hasn't that been tried by someone before?). Anyhow, Royal Mail are a perfect example of this attack. They are slowly but surely getting rid of all the full time postmen and replacing them with part timers on twenty five hour contracts.
All postmen are now bullied into working forced and unpaid overtime. The pension fund has been decimated - and put out of bounds to new starters as has sick pay etc. There are people who work forty hours every week doing a forty hour job (and are paid forty hours) but only have a twenty hour contract so in effect when they are on holiday they only have half pay!
When you point this out to a lot of people they say 'welcome to the real world - we all have to put up with that so stop moaning and get on with it'!
To these people who are knocking the so called lazy greedy postmen I say 'Wake Up! Don't put up with it yourselves - fight back. The big corporations would like us all to be working for peanuts so that they get richer'.
When Royal Mail and the government defeat the postmen and the CWU (I'm no great fan of some of the activities of the CWU but on this issue they're right) which I fear they will then we will be one step closer to sweatshop Britain.
In years to come maybe instead of Made in China everything will have Made in Britain on it - and in prosperous China people will look at the goods and sympathise with the poor British workers working long unregulated hours in poor conditions manufacturing goods for pennies to sell to the affluent East for (Chinese) ££££££££££££££££££££££'s!!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Somali Pirates Slip Up

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! (here)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

BBC Worried by Italian Right

'Italian (right wing of course) Street Patrols', have a look at the last paragraph of this report - a little judgemental perhaps!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baroness Scotland Idiocracy

The current Baroness Scotland nonsense is as clear cut a case of Idiocracy as I have ever seen...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Nuclear Iran

I'm not quite sure exactly what Iran is doing at the moment re the nuclear thing. If they are trying to make a nuclear weapon then I think that that is a very bad thing.
BUT...who the hell are we, the USA, France or anyone else to tell another country what they may or may not have??!!
We after all have these weapons.
I'm no fan of Iran and as I say I think Iran with an atom bomb (or whatever it is that they're called nowadays) is a bit of a potential disaster (a hell of a potential disaster actually), but who exactly elected the USA, France, GB, Russia, etc as the worlds judge jury and police.
There's something not quite right and very hypocritical about it all.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

An Inconsequential Post

This is a short and rather inconsequential post but here goes.
Why, after having done the washing up and having searched around in the washing up water in the bowl with your hand for any remaining utensils (and definintely not finding any), why after this when you tip the bowl up to empty the water out there is always a teaspoon lurking in the bottom of the bowl as the last dregs of water swirl away down the plughole!?
Never a knife, or a fork, or a knife and a teaspoon - or even two teaspoons. But always one solitary teaspoon.
Why is this?
Maybe it's just me.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Eddie Izzard's Marathons

Well done Eddie Izzard! But am I allowed to criticise him?
It seems not, looking at the press today, everyone is falling over themselves to heap praise on him.
What he's done of course is an amazing physical feat. But one that has probably permanently damaged his health.
An amazing physical feat yes, but at the risk of being howled down he has NOT in my opinion run 43 marathons in 52 days.
His 'marathons' have been taking an average of 10 hours!! Now walking pace is about 6 1/2 hours.
Say no more.
I know he's speeded up of late to about 5 hours and I repeat an amazing physical achievment but in my view it's been little more than a sponsored walk/trot.
I'm narky about this because I'm a runner (10k) in training for a half marathon and if I complete a half marathon then I'll be over the moon and I feel Izzard (or in fairness to him it's probably the press more than him) is diminishing the achievments of real runners who train hard and properly.
Sour grapes perhaps...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

In Defence Of The Postmen

The main issue at the heart of the postal dispute is this:
Years ago when a postman finished his delivery early he would return to the office and be made to sort mail until his shift ended then go home.
If he finished his delivery late he would book overtime for this.
Of course this booking of overtime was obviously open to abuse as no-one knew if the postman really was late or just swinging the lead.
So Royal Mail came up with a solution called 'job and finish'.
Job and finish was this: if you returned to the office early having finished your delivery then you could go home early, but if you returned to the office late you did not get overtime for this.
So, it saved the firm a fortune in overtime and postmen also got to go home early on quiet days.
But soon after all of this Royal Mail stopped taking on full time postmen. Every time a full time postman left/retired/got the sack he was replaced by a part timer on (say) a thirty hour contract and the remaining full time postmen would then absorb the ten hours of work (between the forty hour job and the new thirty hour postman).
This of course led to a gradually increasing workload for the remaining full time postmen.
Fast forward about five years to today and in most delivery offices the full time/part time ratio is about fifty fifty.
You can imagine the increased workload.
Where in the past there was a 'swings and roundabouts' approach to things (you'll make time somedays lose time others) now it's a case of 'you'll lose a little time some days and a lot of time others'.
If a postman asks a manager to be paid for the extra work he has to do (some days up to three hours) he's told 'job and finish' - you'll make up the time on quiet days, which of course now is rubbish.
So postmen are now working probably about forty five hours a week for forty hours pay - which is okay if you're salaried but postmen are NOT they are contracted to be paid by the hour.
So there you have it. The actual CRUX of the dispute.
There are other things going on of course and management and the union will fall out all day long, but for postmen it's all about being forced to work for nothing.
How do I know all this - well it's because I am a postman of course!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Dig Deep for the Greedy Bankers

I may be wrong but (it has been known) it seems to me that bankers/banks destroyed their own businesses and brought the country to it's knees by their arrogant greed. The government then bailed them out (but they are still as greedy and arrogant as ever by the way with record bonuses this year) and now to pay for that bail out we have to endure savage spending cuts which will amongst many other things inevitably hit hospitals and schools.
So, to put it simply, greedy fat pig arrogant bankers are to be bailed out by our children and the sick.
Is that putting it too simply??
And this is supposed to be  a Labour (Socialist?) government!

Monday, 14 September 2009

We're All Suspected Weirdo's Now

There's a lot of discussion in the media at the moment about the CRB checks everyone who has just about anything to do with children will apparently have to have.
These checks are of course designed to see if people are convicted paedophiles.
One thing that's struck me about all of this (and I have not heard discussed) is why are there so many convicted paedophiles walking amongst us? (and are we all under suspicion? - of course we are!)
Once someone has been convicted of such crimes I think they should lose their liberty. There is no cure for paedophilia so we must remove them from society.
Wouldn't that be easier than checking (and suspecting) every man and his dog?
And morally right to boot.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Supermarket Airconditioning

Every time the sun comes out nowadays it seems to me that the people in charge of supermarket air conditioning think that it's really hot (it mostly isn't that hot of course) and then crank the air con up to ridiculous levels, (or do they crank it DOWN).
Anyhow, with this recent spell of fine weather that we've been experiencing every one of my local supermarkets that I've walked into the temperature has been about -5! (Well it seems like that).
The supermarkets are full of shivering shoppers having just come in from outside (where it's pleasantly warm) wearing shorts, T shirts, vest tops etc and WALLOP they plunge into an Arctic airflow.
Why? What's wrong with these supermarket air con people?
It can only be a matter of time before someone (probably me) gets stranded, caught out in the open in the dried fruit aisle or wherever and dies from exposure.
My advice - pack a sweater.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Harrow Mosque Protest

Breaking news, Stop the Islamification of Europe (sounds like a good idea to me) were gathering in Harrow to protest about the building of a new five storey mosque when trouble broke out.

My favourite quote from this story so far: Unite Against Fascism were also present to "defend the mosque", they said

We have a very serious situation developing in this country. Revolt, division and civil strife is afoot. .

Semenya War

South Africa is threatening 'war' over the row about it's athlete Caster Semenya (the she/he row).
Well to be honest if that's what their women look like - I don't much fancy a fight with their men!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Brief Scare

'Boyle is 'edging closer' to Porno' -I read this headline on the BBC News website and thought - 'oh my God - Susan Boyle - never!!'
My mind played wild tricks on me for a moment but it was actually all about a potential project by the film director Danny Boyle.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

BBC Look (In Vain) For Moderate Muslim Opinion

'Muslims welcome jet plot verdicts' crows the BBC headline with multicult smugness.
I've noticed whilst reading about the said plot to blow up aeroplanes with liquid explosives that has been in the news today that a key word has been either missing or not often used in the reports. And that word is 'Muslim'. But, in an embrace of the Muslim community the BBC have used it here - in a positive way of course. In all of their other headlines it has been 'terrorists' or 'three men' or 'plotters', but not 'Muslims'.
So I read on, and this story is of course supposed to be all about Muslims 'welcoming jet plot verdicts', and the BBC have obviously gone to great lengths to find Muslims who 'welcome jet plot verdicts', BUT... read the article and you will see these quotes from supposed moderate BBC approved Muslims-

-could leave Muslims feeling persecuted and hostile towards Britain, he stressed.

"We should not be taking people's liberty away if the evidence is not there to justify it," he said

"It makes no sense to engage in actions that will anger many in the Muslim community here

Why did we have to have a retrial? Because they didn't get the result that they wanted the first time, so they got it at the second time, so the guys didn't stand a chance."

"Walthamstow, being a Pakistani Muslim community, the faith in the police is not really there no more when it comes to terrorism."

-but have warned that government anti-terrorist powers should be used wisely

But the UK's role in military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq had helped radicalise the plotters

warned of some Muslim scepticism that a retrial was needed to get the convictions the authorities sought

British Muslims are just as horrified and appalled by stories like this as ordinary Britons - perhaps more so because it reflects unfairly on themselves and their faith

"I think the word 'Muslim' shouldn't be attached to such an activity," said the woman. "I think the word 'Muslim', 'mosque' and the religion he belongs to shouldn't be attached to this activity

Her husband said: "There are one billion Muslims in the world, so everybody's reputation is damaged saying a Muslim has done this."

This is supposed to be an article showing the Muslim community in a positive light!!!
I'd hate to see what a 'hatchet job' on them looked like!
The BBC have gone out of their way to give moderate Muslims a chance to speak up for their communities and faith and distance themselves from the extremists but it has in my opinion showed the Muslims in a very poor light.
If these are the opinions of the so called moderates then we have a huge huge problem.
Maybe the average Muslim has more in common with the jet plotters than with the average indigenous British man in the street. Maybe, maybe not. But the whole multicultural thing does not seem to be going too well to me.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

English Defence League Clashes

Have a look at this report in the Mail of the English Defence League clashes yesterday in Birmingham and then contrast the picture's that the Mail shows with the ITV video at the foot of the report (shamelessly intrusive film trailer at the start of it by the way).
You'll see plenty of Muslim thugs in the Mail's photo's but none in the very PC ITV report which makes it look like it was the 'EDL' vs the police.
One caption for a photo the Mail used made me laugh though as it said 'police hold back members of the public protesting during the event' - members of the public!!??

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hands Free Prats

Don't you just hate people who use those 'hands free' mobile phone thingies that stick to your ear - I mean hate people who use them when they're not driving?
People who walk along with them stuck to their ears and carry out a phone conversation (usually shouting) on the street or in the workplace for example.
If they're near to you when they start having a conversation (phone call) you can actually think for a moment that they're actually talking to you.
This has happened to me several times - ie: someone near to you (it's particularly startling when you don't know the person) starts saying the like of 'oh yeah well I told him to just sod off and he said to me...' and when this happens you sort of jump and say 'oh - what - pardon!' then you realise that they're actually on the fuckin' phone!!
Annoying arrogant prats.
I feel better now.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival

Last year's Notting Hill Carnival:
526 arrests
289 muggings
26 stabbings
2 shootings
1 murder
1 riot
I've gleaned these stats from various Internet sources and cannot verify their accuracy as crime figures for this event are strangely hard to find and also very conflicting for some reason.
But, who exactly gets what out of this 'celebration of multiculturalism'?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Population Rise Figures For Dummies

Well I see in the news today that the population of Britain has soared in recent years. And the BBC gleefully report that this population rise is driven by higher birth rates rather than by immigration.
I will remind you of the headlines from just a few weeks ago 'One in Five Births in England are to Foreign Mothers'.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sol Campbell and Football Do it all With a Straight Face

Sol Campbell the ex England and Premier League football player has this week shocked the footballing world by signing for lowly Notts County.
This is a huge drop - in football terms 3 leagues as he moves from the Premiership down to League 2.
Asked why he had made such a move he waffled on about Notts County being the oldest club in the land with great traditions and heritage, and he felt that they were a club going places, with ambition etc.
What he didn't mention however is the fact that Notts County will pay him a staggering £40,000 per week in wages. This from a club that pays the majority of it's players a bog standard £500 per week wage (that's £25,000 per year as opposed to Campbell's £40,000 per week or £2million per year).
For my sins I love football (mainly West Ham) but I have to say that at the moment the game has been hijacked by shallow money men who are fleecing the ordinary (traditionally working class) fans and throwing money at players (some in the Premier League earn reportedly around £150,000 per week!), agents earns literally millions for arranging a single transfer and corporate noses are in the trough at every game.
The people's game has been taken from the people and Sol Campbell's brass neck nonsense ('great traditions - nothing to do with the money etc') sums it up perfectly.
I don't blame Campbell and he's no different to all the others really, but as long as people are willing to pay as much as £40 to watch a match, £50 for the (latest) replica shirt and £60 or so per month for Sky TV then the great gravy train robbery will just keep on rolling.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Council Snouts in Troughs

There was a piece in The Mail on Sunday today about various Council Chief Executives and their quite outrageous expense claims.
What caught my eye about the story though was the salaries of these people.
These wonderful servants of the public were earning around £250,000 per year - that's just salary alone without expenses!
They see fit to pay themselves (which is more or less what they do) around TEN TIMES the average persons salary in the country today!!!
Snouts in troughs.
We need a shake up, a revolution.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Lockerbie Compassion

Next time you're on an aeroplane (maybe with your wife and kids) just think about what the Lockerbie bomber did and see if you can feel compassion for him.
And don't you just love the way the Labour government seem to be distancing themselves from the whole sorry mess?
They're as keen on his release as the Scottish 'government' (didn't know they had one actually).

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Duchess of York's Very Safe Estate

A bit of a furore is going on about the Duchess of York's TV programme (tonight) about a northern housing estate.

I'm not going to go into the boring details of it all (I heard the Duchess taking calls about the show last week on radio and she sounded thoroughly unpleasant) but what made me laugh was the clip of the policeman stating (from the estate) what a very safe place it was. He was of course when he made the statement, wearing a stab proof vest...

Monday, 17 August 2009

British Afghan Wars.

I keep reading and hearing that the Afghan's have never lost a war on home soil and in the past have defeated the British.
A little Internet research showed me that there have been three British Afghan wars (1839, 1878 and 1919) - and Britain won them all.
We never took the country over but withdrew each time having inflicted military defeat on them and having achieved our objectives.
So what's all this talk of defeat about then?
More trendy anti British re-writing of history perhaps?
PS - I don't think we should be there now though - but that's another matter.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Phony Baloney Jobs

I've come to the conclusion that the country is being taken over by the 'Phony Baloney Job Brigade'.
These people I believe have pretty much invented their own jobs which then become invaluable.
But they are, as Mel Brooks said in the film Blazing Saddles 'Phony Baloney Jobs'.
If you look at any job page in a newspaper or online, then the plumbers, bricklayers, nurses, lorry drivers, postmen, shop assistants etc - ie: the real professions are outnumbered by all these (highly paid of course) nonsense (Phony Baloney) jobs such as: (and I quote) Community Manager, Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser, Business Strategist, Strategy Analyst, Innovation Advisor, Customer Insight Planner, Book Move Manager, Equality and Diversity Advisor, Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, Integrated Campaigns Manager... you get the picture.
Do these jobs actually do anything other than oil the greasy wheels of capitalism and enforce left wing brainwashing? No they don't.
It's all a load of self serving self important bollocks.
Come the revolution...