Saturday, 31 October 2009

Trick or Treat Integration

Whilst out trick or treating tonight with my five year old daughter I came across many other people with young children also trick or treating.
Amongst these trick or treater's were several Polish families.
I wondered if trick or treat was popular in Poland and they were just carrying it on over here. But a Google search when I got in revealed that trick or treat is not popular or even particularly celebrated in Poland.
So what I saw on the street tonight was integration. Immigrants integrating into our way of life (and quickly - they haven't been here long of course).
This is, in my opinion, how it should be. Others immigrants take note.
Hats off to the Poles (witches hats)!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The BNP and The Sun Newspaper

The widely reported YouGov poll regarding the BNP was unarguably the best showing the BNP has ever had in an opinion poll and a major boost to the party. However, The Sun newspaper reported this breakthrough news for the BNP as such (I paraphrase): 'Backlash hits BNP chief as two thirds of voters say that they would never back his party after his vile TV outburst'.
All the other newspaper reports on this poll (and the BBC) have reported this as pretty good news for the BNP. Not The Sun though.
This to me speaks volumes of what The Sun thinks of the intelligence of it's readers, and I put a comment saying so on The Sun's website but they didn't publish it of course.
Most of the readers comments however echoed my sentiments in one way or another.
Whether a newspaper loves or loathes the BNP (and they all loathe them it seems) I think that they should at least report them honestly.
Some chance!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Question Time Mob

I don't think anyone can have made up their minds one way or another about the BNP by watching last night's question time. But I think people will have made up their minds about the opponents of the BNP ie: the left wing mob of an audience and the spiteful arrogant bullying panel and chair.
For Nick Griffin I think this is 'job done'.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fat Cats Grow Fatter as People Line up to Kick the Posties

Read this and weep. As people join in the kicking and grinding into the dirt of the lazy postmen (on £8.50 an hour) the bankers who have ruined the country (just last year actually) are now getting wonderfully huge bonuses once again (Goldman Sachs is paying each of it's bankers a £440,000 bonus amongst other disgusting absurdities).
When the government and Royal Mail (aided by the press and public opinion) batter the postmen into submission it will be one up to the likes of the bankers and greedy fat cat bosses in general - the boss of Royal Mail by the way earns £3 million per year.
The less money and more work that people like the postmen will have to do will mean of course more money for the fat cats.
When the postmen fall who will they come for next? You?

Friday, 16 October 2009

These People Are Not From Wales

This story today has rightly made some headlines. But I don't like the gist of it. We hear this:
A woman from Wales raped by members of her own family ...

The three men, all from Cardiff, had denied the charges but were found guilty of rape and indecency after a trial...
The step-uncle, 55, and stepfather were jailed indeterminately, with terms recommended of 20 and 15 years respectively, while her brother-in-law, 27, was jailed for 12 years....

And then at the end (in what I'd call the small print) was:
The court was told that both the step-uncle and stepfather are illegal immigrants, who will be deported after they have served their sentences.

I'm almost afraid to say this in these PC times but these people aren't in my book 'from Wales', they most certainly aren't 'Welsh' and I think I know the news reporters know that. These people are Indian as it happens. Sikhs. Illegals in fact.
I've nothing against Indians, nothing against Sikhs. In fact I have quite a lot of time for Sikhs.
BUT...these people are not Welsh. They are not from Wales.
If I stowed away on a boat for example, and jumped off say on Sri Lanka, and raped some people, then if the Sri Lankan press reported that a 'man from Sri Lanka' had raped some people then it would be bullshit of course because I would not be a man from Sri Lanka but a man from Britain (Wales as it happens in my case) but this is not how things are reported in namby pamby all luvvy together Britain.
Look out for it.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Made in China, Sweatshop Britain and Royal Mail!

I went shopping yesterday. I bought some pants, two different brands, both made in China.I bought some socks, again two different brands again both made in China.I bought a belt - made in China of course.
I couldn't seem to buy anything that wasn't made in China.
Everything nowadays seems to be made in China - or Vietnam is apparently another popular place for manufacturing at the moment.
I can of course see the attraction for big business to the likes of China what with it's sweatshops paying pennies to people working long unregulated hours in poor conditions to manufacture goods that they then sell on to us for ££££££££££'s.
Strange as this may seem I've drawn a parallel between sweatshop China and the current Royal Mail dispute (see a previous post for a postman's - mine - view of events). In Britain, Trades Unions have fought for years to end sweatshop practices (it's not that long ago after all that we were sending children down the mines, into the mills and up chimneys etc), but as I say we've stopped all of that now. We've moved on and secured decent pay and conditions for the average working man and stopped child labour of course.
What we have going on in this country at the moment is I believe an all out attack (by big business) on the working man (I'm starting to sound like a Socialist here - a right wing Socialist? Hasn't that been tried by someone before?). Anyhow, Royal Mail are a perfect example of this attack. They are slowly but surely getting rid of all the full time postmen and replacing them with part timers on twenty five hour contracts.
All postmen are now bullied into working forced and unpaid overtime. The pension fund has been decimated - and put out of bounds to new starters as has sick pay etc. There are people who work forty hours every week doing a forty hour job (and are paid forty hours) but only have a twenty hour contract so in effect when they are on holiday they only have half pay!
When you point this out to a lot of people they say 'welcome to the real world - we all have to put up with that so stop moaning and get on with it'!
To these people who are knocking the so called lazy greedy postmen I say 'Wake Up! Don't put up with it yourselves - fight back. The big corporations would like us all to be working for peanuts so that they get richer'.
When Royal Mail and the government defeat the postmen and the CWU (I'm no great fan of some of the activities of the CWU but on this issue they're right) which I fear they will then we will be one step closer to sweatshop Britain.
In years to come maybe instead of Made in China everything will have Made in Britain on it - and in prosperous China people will look at the goods and sympathise with the poor British workers working long unregulated hours in poor conditions manufacturing goods for pennies to sell to the affluent East for (Chinese) ££££££££££££££££££££££'s!!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Somali Pirates Slip Up

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! (here)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

BBC Worried by Italian Right

'Italian (right wing of course) Street Patrols', have a look at the last paragraph of this report - a little judgemental perhaps!