Thursday 30 October 2008

Call Centre Racism?

A few businesses (chiefly some banks) are now using the fact that they have UK call centres as something of a sales pitch.

What are they saying?

Are they saying that foreign call centres are inferior to UK ones?

If they are (and I think they are) then they are pretty much saying that foreigners are inferior to British people.

Or are they just saying that it's better to speak to someone who's first language is the same as your own?

Where does this then, leave all the immigration/migrant worker/multiculturalism stuff?

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Indian Aid

So India launches a space ship.

And India has a movie industry (Bollywood) that rivals Hollywood.

It also has a nuclear bomb.

Britain, close to bankruptcy as a nation with it's very economic system ruined is giving India £800 million in aid.

Yes, that's the same India with the space ship (or whatever it is), Bollywood and the nuclear bomb.

And the same Britain with NO money (just debt) and a way of life teetering on the brink.

Not PC to mention all of this though.

I'd best be quiet.

Chris Moyles and Possible Anti White Racism?

Chris Moyles about a week or so ago said that there was no such thing as music of white origin.He was talking (to one of his easy to make laugh sidekicks) about the MOBO awards.

The MOBO's are of course the Music of Black Origin awards and someone had text/emailed him that maybe there should be a Music of White Origin awards to which Moyles replied 'get lost - there IS no such thing as music of white origin.'

Well of course Moyles' statement is not true - was there not music in ancient Greece and Rome for example?

I'm no music expert (in fact I haven't a clue to be honest) but surely there was music made by the Celts, the Vikings - and what about the middle ages in Europe?

Then there's all the classical composers not to mention early folk music.

As I say I don't really know what I'm on about when it comes to music but I'm sure Moyles was wrong, but that's not the point.

I don't think Moyles had thought much about his remark, it was a throwaway type thing, but what he was doing by saying what he said was something that's become very trendy at the moment.

Especially trendy amongst some 'right on' elements at The BBC.

And that trendy thing is the rubbishing of the white race.

From racism becoming (rightly) unacceptable they have pushed and pushed until we have actually tipped over the edge and anti white racism is not just now accepted but seemingly positively encouraged.

It's a dangerous game they play.