Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I read today in the excellent National Geographic magazine that the total amount of gold mined during the entire history of the earth is only enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools!

That's a figure that shocks me.

From the time of the ancient Egyptians (and before that probably) through to the North American gold rush through to today's massive global commercial operations - and all they've ever got between them is two swimming pools worth!

I'd say 'give it up lads', after all what is gold good for? Trashy bling jewelery.

Waste of time.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

USA Tourists in Dangerous Britain

You know how bad things have become when the crime riddled (so we're told) USA is warning it's citizens about to travel to Britain of the dangers here.

The US State Department has told it's citizens to be on the look out for many dangers in Britain including rape (tellingly enough by unlicensed cab drivers - say no more), muggings, cash machine scams and strangely it warns them to be wary of having their drinks spiked (would that be tea or coffee?).

They're also warned not to walk in parks after dark and to be wary of 'train derailments'.

Bizarre stuff, but from a Britons point of view a bit scary really.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Boxing Day Sales Rush Boom Frenzy

The media reported in the build up to Christmas that there was going to be a Boxing Day sales rush boom frenzy.

And then they duly reported today that there indeed had been a Boxing Day sales rush boom frenzy.

So it must be right then.

I went shopping on Boxing day (in Shrewsbury) and did not personally see a sales rush boom frenzy.

It was quite busy, but no more than that.

The media will now report that the sales figures were through the roof for Boxing Day whether they were or not.

A self fulfilling prophecy or just more media bullshit?

Bit of both perhaps.

We'll hear of how this sales rush boom frenzy 'defied' the credit crunch.

Don't you believe it.

A storm is coming.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

That's right Merry Christmas.
Not 'happy holiday' or any other Americanised or PC bullshit.
Christmas in this country is (or at least should be) the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ - even though this midwinter celebration was originally a pagan festival (which is where Father Christmas/Santa Claus originated from) but was hijacked by the Christians when they outlawed paganism and moved their own Christmas festival from the summer to the end of December to replace the aforementioned and popular Pagan festival at that date.

Anyhow, nowadays in this country, Christmas (whatever it's original meaning and origin) is Christmas - not 'the holidays'.

So whether you want to celebrate the birth of Christ or Santa Claus or both - celebrate - before the PC brigade or the radical Muslims ban it, so-

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Vladimir Putin's Era of Cheap Gas

The era of cheap gas is coming to an end, Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told ministers from the world's major gas-exporting countries today.
The era of cheap gas ?
I pay £98 a month for mine at the moment in this era of cheap gas.
How much, I wonder, will I be paying when this wonderful era of cheap gas ends?

I think I'll buy a wood burner.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Unemployment Figures

Unemployment is announced as 1.8 million - a terrible figure - but what is the real figure I wonder?

What particularly makes me wonder about this is a news report I read the other day about five people living in the same house - Mum, Dad, and three kids (the kids had all left school) - all of whom were unemployed. The mother had never worked.

But what made my ears prick up was, at the end of the article, it was said that none of the family count on the unemployment figures because they are not 'actively seeking work' - but of course they are out of work and still getting benefits!

So what's the real unemployment figure then?

I'm sure I don't know, but I reckon that 1.8 million is just the tip of the iceberg.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Hypocrite Gordon Brown

So Gordon Brown flies off to the middle east to support our boys in the war on terror sanctioning crazy far away wars in crazy far away places while all the time he doesn't have the balls to stand up to the mad mullahs preaching hate in the mosques right under his nose back home in Blighty.

Community cohesion you see.

What's The Beef George?

So an irate Iraqi throws his shoes at George Bush (where's the Shoe Bomber when you need him) and George says of the attacker later: 'I don't know what the fella's beef was'.
Well George I can only guess but, his 'beef' may just be that you invaded his country and killed a couple of hundred thousand of his fellow citizens.

That's just me guessing mind.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Shhhh - Don't Mention They're Muslim!

Two stories in the news this week have been absolute cover up's.

Firstly the widely reported case of the teacher in Oldham who told a class of seven year old's that there was no such thing as Father Christmas.

Now, my alarm bells started ringing when in all of the reports on this the teacher was not named.

Why? I suspected the obvious.

So, I did a bit of research and came across a report in the Oldham Evening Chronicle that shed new light on the whole sorry business.

Here I quote one of the parents 'The reason she told the children this story is because she is an Asian woman who does not believe in Christmas as she celebrates Eid.'

As I suspected!!!!!!!!!!

I listened to a radio debate on this story and at NO point was it mentioned that this teacher was Muslim even though that fact is the key to the whole thing!!

Her faith has almost certainly played a major part in why she said what she said but no-one dare mention it (in the mainstream media) for fear of being called a racist.


Next up is a story of twenty dogs seized in a raid on a house in Smethwick yesterday during a police investigation into dog fighting.

Three men were arrested and the police did not, and have not, named the men.

Alarm bells again.

Investigations by myself discovered that the house that was raided was the same house that was raided in a similar investigation in 2007, and you've guessed it: as a result of the 2007 raid a Muslim man was subsequently convicted of staging dog fights.

Say no more.

Once again the media (and in this case the police) are deliberately suppressing the fact that people involved in quite high profile 'bad news' stories are Muslim.

The British public it seems cannot be allowed to make up it's own mind about Muslims and Islam.

They both hate us, so are the radical Islamists and Liberal Left somehow in cahoots to destroy us from within?

Of course they are!

Soon it will really be too late.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Police Rocket Science

In the news today it's reported that 'The number of teenagers caught carrying knives has fallen in areas where police have specifically targeted knife crime, according to government figures'.

Never. What a shock.

But isn't this what the police are supposed to do anyway?
Target criminals to reduce crime that is.

Rocket science it 'aint!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Done and Dusted in Iraq

It has been announced today by a 'senior defence source' that British troops will begin pulling out of Iraq probably by next March.

Well that's okay then.

Glad to hear that it's all fine and sorted over there now.

So what now? Next stop Zimbabwe, or North Korea, or China maybe, or even Iran?

Or perhaps give a hand to finish off in Afghanistan?

Lions led by donkeys.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Car Thieves in This Area

Increasingly nowadays, in car parks mainly, I come across a sign that says something along the lines of this: 'Car thieves operate in this area'.
I beg your pardon?!
So the police know that car thieves operate in a certain area and instead of trying to catch them they put the onus on the potential victim by basically telling them to watch their backs.

What next? Rapists operate in this area? The potential list is endless.

This is a blase attitude by the police that just accepts that criminals will do their thing and that's that.

I get the feeling that if your car WAS nicked from one of these areas and you told the police they'd just say 'well we did warn you!'

The police should put signs up saying 'Car thieves - we know you operate in this area - we will catch you and then cut your hands off'.

Well maybe not 'cut your hands off' but you get the idea.

The police are becoming a criminal appeasing joke.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Left Wing Decadent Amsterdam Bullshit

Apparently the authorities in Amsterdam are to close around half of the cities brothels and half of it's 'coffee shop' drug dens in an attempt to curb organised crime in the city.

Well well well.

This really is one in the eye for the legalise prostitution and legalise cannabis and legalise everything brigade.

We've always been told by these smug arrogant twats that if we legalise these things then (amongst many other wonderful things) it would drive organised crime ie: pimps and dealers away.

Obviously a load of bollocks as I always suspected then!!

No Clue Cameron

David Cameron writes in The Mail on Sunday today of his desire to fix Broken Britain (again).

He particularly touches on the cases of Baby P and Shannon Mathews.

But his solution for these sorts of dysfunctional family disasters is amongst other things more help for parents in the first year of a child's life 'because this is the time that parents are more likely to split up'.

Couples! Families! Parents! Split up!

Is he kidding?!

Split up! - these sorts of people are not 'together' in the first place!

Women like Karen Mathews etc , drop kids like they drop their knickers - as often as possible!

Fathers and husbands are just not an option for most women like this, and if they occasionally are an option then they are of the 'here today gone tomorrow' variety.

Privileged Cameron cannot be expected to understand this sort of mindset - and he doesn't!

Maybe he means well but he just doesn't have a clue.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Shannon Mathews Soul Searching

So an independent review has been ordered into the Shannon Mathews case.

"I think it is important that there is an independent review of the history and records of all agencies' dealings with the family. '' said Kirklees Council leader Robert Light.

Children's Secretary (didn't know we had one) Ed Balls has even waded in with "I don't think that court fees, or anything else should ever stand in the way of local authorities doing the right thing to make sure children are safe."

I think, as usual that the powers that be are barking up the wrong tree.

All they can see fit to do is to try and introduce more procedural bullshit into the bullshit organisations that they have created.

How can social services etc stop this sort of thing happening again they ask?

Well I think that they should look at the whole case from the angle of this: how can the society that they (successive left wing governments that is) have created, have itself created creatures like Karen Mathews and her cohorts?

THEY have created this society and this society has created these people.

Soul searching time for the liberal elite?

It should be, but I doubt it will be.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ex Offender Role Models

Recently, Premier League footballer and ex convict Joey Barton has said that he sees himself as a potential role model for some of today's wayward youth.He's been off the booze now for apparantly ten months or so and also out trouble for a little while too.Which, of course is all very good.In fact it's quite a trend really: ex con turns good and lectures wayward youth on the error of their ways.BUT...... to my mind at least, there's a pretty fundamental problem in all of this.And that problem is, that in lecturing the youth of today about the error of their (potential) ways the likes of Barton (and many others who tour schools etc) become role models.Fine you might think, but in order to become these role models (which the impressionable youth will want to) they must of course become ex offenders.And in order to become an ex offender you must first of course offend..........

Light Bulb Nazi's

It seems that here in Britain 100 watt light bulbs are either banned or at least soon going to be banned.
I tried to buy one in several shops today and was told 'you can't get them any more'.
What on earth is going on?
I know the government likes to keep us in the dark but come on!

Doing Alright?

I know that we're always hearing in the news nowadays about prices going up and the credit crunch etc.
Statistically, inflation has been quite low over recent years though, and if anyone had asked me how my disposable income had fared over the last couple of years then I would have said that I was about the same now as then.
I thought I was doing alright.
But then this week I noticed my new direct debit ammount for gas. It had just gone up from £67 per month to a whopping £97 per month!
So, for curiosity I looked back to two years ago to see what it was then and was shocked to see just £45 per month!
So, I sat down and checked up all of my direct debits from two years ago and compared them to now.
I was shocked.
Monthly it worked out so:-
Gas up £52
Mortgage up £13
Electric up £32
Phone No Change
Insurances up £9
TV License No Change
Council Tax No Change
Then, using the internet (great research tool) I worked out the following monthlies..
Food up £48
Diesel up £12
Now, during this period I've had a pay rise that ammounts to £48 per month take home. My wife has had a similar rise also, but I reckon her rise has been more than taken up by the rise in price of so called 'luxury' goods such as broadband, satellite TV, alcohol, holidays, clothes (not a luxury at all really), cd's, books etc etc etc.
I've probably left some stuff out, but by my reckoning I'm about £120 a month worse off!!!
There are probably lots of people out there who, like me (a bloody mug, so it seems), were chugging along thinking that they were probably 'getting somewhere' or at the very least breaking even.
But just have a close look, think again, and remember - it can only get worse!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Haringey Idiocracy

Pretty much most of Haringey Council seem to qualify for idiocracy as far as I can see.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Peter Hitchens?

Is Peter Hitchens losing touch?

The excellent Mail on Sunday Columnist (among other things) last week failed to mention in his column the stolen BNP list and subsequent persecution of some of those on the list.

The fact that Peter never mentioned any of this I found strange being as it could be HIM, with his outspoken right wing views who is persecuted next.

This week in his column there is surprisingly no mention of the Damian Green arrest.

Again this puzzled me as of course they could soon come for Peter, if it is deemed that he has written the wrong thing at the wrong time about the wrong person.

I might ask 'what's going on Peter?'

Idiocracy Case No1?

The controller of the BBC, Jay Hunt, yesterday described Jonathan Ross as 'a responsible broadcaster'.

Is Ms Hunt a case of idiocracy perhaps?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

British Muslim Terrorists in India?

Were British Muslims involved in the Bombay attacks?

Some claim they were.

The 'rumours' have reached as high as Gordon Brown who said it was 'too soon to speculate'.

Since Gordon said that, there has been virtual silence on the subject.
A news blackout?

Soon, I think the shit's going to hit the fan over this one.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bombay BBC!

The two very nice 'right on' news readers on the BBC News coverage of the Indian terrorist attacks last night, were very careful to say 'Mumbai' when talking about the city I know as Bombay (Mumbai Duck anyone?).

I laughed out loud when the BBC's India Correspondent came on (an Indian lady) and promptly refered to the city as Bombay!


The two news readers looked like they were sucking lemons!

One in the eye for the oh so very PC BBC!

Friday, 21 November 2008

BNP Persecution

Who are the most persecuted minority in Britain today?

Why BNP members of course!

Could you imagine stolen, illegal lists of say, homosexuals or Communists or Freemasons or cross dressers or sex offenders or radical Muslims being published?

No of course not.

The self same liberal left wingers who are now gleefully and illegally publishing the BNP members list and those that are gloating over it would be up in arms over the human rights violations of the above groups.

And as for Labour's Jacqui Smith smugly wondering why people should be 'ashamed of being named as BNP members', well it's not that they are ashamed, it's that in the main they fear verbal and physical attacks by Smith's party supporters!

Can you imagine the intimidation of any other minority group (including paedophiles!) being tolerated by the authorities and media in the way that has happened with the BNP story this week?

No, BNP members truly are the modern day equivalent of 16Th century Catholics in England or the Communists in America during the McCarthyism era.

The liberal fascists that rule this country have never sunk so low.

Who's next??

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Have you seen the film Idiocracy?

For those of you who haven't I'll briefly give you the gist.

A man 'awakes' five hundred years into the future and finds that society has 'dumbed down' so much that he is now the most intelligent man alive.

Needless to say the world has gone to pot and nothing works.

Well I think that quite possibly if we continue with the current and widespread trend of promoting people within the workplace (also in the media and public office) based purely on their gender or ethnicity as opposed to their ability to do the job then this 'Idiocracy' scenario could well await us!

Don't believe me? well just take a look around you every day, in your own life and on the news for example.

Do you see many people in prime jobs - for reasons previously mentioned - who are wholly unqualified for and incompetent at the roles?

Need I say more!?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sir Trevor Brooking and Immigration

Sir Trevor Brooking has been talking recently of his concerns over the number of foreign players coming into the English game (football of course) and the effect this has on our own home grown players.

Brooking argues - rightly I believe - that by bringing in foreigners who are already trained to a high standard by foreign clubs our clubs no longer have to go to the time, trouble and expense of training our own youngsters.
He argues that this is obviously bad for our youngsters and bad for the English (and British) game.

Commentators in and out of the game and from Left and Right pretty much agree with him.

There are obvious differences of course but doesn't his argument obviously strike a chord in relation to wider society in general, and if - as it is - his argument is agreed by nearly all in relation to football, then why is it that the same argument applied to society in general is usually howled down?

Monday, 10 November 2008

Native American Racial Purity

Whilst watching the excellent
'Stephen Fry in America' last night on BBC1 a thought struck me.

Mr Fry was in Monument Valley, Arizona, interviewing some native americans - Navajo I think - and looking at the modern day Navajo I wondered just how many of them were pure descendants of the original Navajo.

Most of them perhaps? Or have most/many of them over the years mixed with other native American tribes or even mixed with whites/blacks.

Then I casually thought that it would be a shame if the wonderful and unique native American peoples were to mix with other races and become diluted to the extent that they died out.

But wait a minute I thought - this is racial purity type stuff worthy of white supremacists or even Hitler!

If it's important (and I think that it is) that the native Americans for example retain their 'bloodlines' for want of a better word, then surely it's just as important for all races?

Well yes, and if that's the case, then I'm talking here amongst other things about the racial purity of the white race and an end to mixed marriages!

This is controversial stuff!

I'm not against mixed marriages - people should, in my opinion be able to do what the hell they like (within the law) - but looking at the Navajo in the USA for examle I'd say to them 'don't do it!'
So where the hell does that leave me?

Confused - that's where - with some unwelcome and conflicting thoughts having entered my head!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Left Wing USA

So the USA has elected a left wing President in Barack Obama and has, as a nation, it seems 'gone left wing.'

But how left wing?

Obama says that he wants to 'hunt down and kill' Osama Bin Laden.
He's also in favour of the death penalty (for his own citizens as well I mean).

Pretty left wing kinda guy then.

Meanwhile in liberal, hippy, ultra left wing California they have just voted, in a referendum, to ban gay marriages.

Yes the good old US of A has definitely positively surged to the left!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama is a Politician....

Barack Obama is a politician.

Say it slowly...

He's not the second coming of Jesus - he's a politician.

And what do we think of politicians??

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sophie Warne

The widely reported case of Ashan Sabri who knocked over and killed Sophie Warne has interested me in several ways over and above the 'breach of his human rights' way in which it has been mainly reported.

Firstly it was stated by Sabri's defense team (successfully appealing against his deportation to Pakistan) that because his wife is Christian she could possibly be persecuted in Pakistan.

If this is indeed true then where has the 'tolerant' Islam we hear so much about gone?

Could I get away with suggesting that a Christian might be persecuted for his/her beliefs in Pakistan?

I doubt it.

Secondly, Sabri got just three years for causing death by dangerous driving - he had no license also.

This sentence is obviously not long enough.

Thirdly, part of Sabri's defence was the fact that he has an eighteen month old daughter ('Family Life' argument), now then, if my maths is correct, eighteen months plus nine months (pregnancy) equals twenty seven, so, by my reckoning his daughter was conceived in July/August 2006.

He was, you may know, jailed for his crime in July 2005 - for three years - he shouldn't have been out in August 2006 and if he was and he then got his wife pregnant then it's obvious (fairly) why he got her pregnant and should now therefore be made inadmissible!

It all appears to have paid off for him.

Justice it seems, for Sophie Warne, has not been done.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Call Centre Racism?

A few businesses (chiefly some banks) are now using the fact that they have UK call centres as something of a sales pitch.

What are they saying?

Are they saying that foreign call centres are inferior to UK ones?

If they are (and I think they are) then they are pretty much saying that foreigners are inferior to British people.

Or are they just saying that it's better to speak to someone who's first language is the same as your own?

Where does this then, leave all the immigration/migrant worker/multiculturalism stuff?

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Indian Aid

So India launches a space ship.

And India has a movie industry (Bollywood) that rivals Hollywood.

It also has a nuclear bomb.

Britain, close to bankruptcy as a nation with it's very economic system ruined is giving India £800 million in aid.

Yes, that's the same India with the space ship (or whatever it is), Bollywood and the nuclear bomb.

And the same Britain with NO money (just debt) and a way of life teetering on the brink.

Not PC to mention all of this though.

I'd best be quiet.

Chris Moyles and Possible Anti White Racism?

Chris Moyles about a week or so ago said that there was no such thing as music of white origin.He was talking (to one of his easy to make laugh sidekicks) about the MOBO awards.

The MOBO's are of course the Music of Black Origin awards and someone had text/emailed him that maybe there should be a Music of White Origin awards to which Moyles replied 'get lost - there IS no such thing as music of white origin.'

Well of course Moyles' statement is not true - was there not music in ancient Greece and Rome for example?

I'm no music expert (in fact I haven't a clue to be honest) but surely there was music made by the Celts, the Vikings - and what about the middle ages in Europe?

Then there's all the classical composers not to mention early folk music.

As I say I don't really know what I'm on about when it comes to music but I'm sure Moyles was wrong, but that's not the point.

I don't think Moyles had thought much about his remark, it was a throwaway type thing, but what he was doing by saying what he said was something that's become very trendy at the moment.

Especially trendy amongst some 'right on' elements at The BBC.

And that trendy thing is the rubbishing of the white race.

From racism becoming (rightly) unacceptable they have pushed and pushed until we have actually tipped over the edge and anti white racism is not just now accepted but seemingly positively encouraged.

It's a dangerous game they play.