Friday, 27 November 2009

Climate Change Morons

Twice this week on the radio (probably more if I'd paid attention) I've heard people making excuses for things using 'climate change' as a statement of fact.
First I heard someone from the Cumbrian authorities saying that the floods that they've just suffered are going to become more common as a result of 'climate change' and that the government (taxpayer) needs to address that.
Second I heard someone from Thames Water complaining about not being allowed to charge people just what they like saying that 'climate change' is a major problem for water companies and the government (water rates payers) needs to address that.
Climate change is a theory not a fact.
The government is using 'climate change' as a cash cow, we all (I hope) know that.
Now all the fat cat local authority leaders and fat cat utility companies are trying to cash in as well.
Do any of them actually know anything about so called 'climate change'? Probably not.
It's just a cliche, a bit of an Oliver Twist 'more please' for extra cash.
Very interesting stuff here actually.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

David Cameron's Islamic Schools Claim

It has been claimed today in Parliament (by David Cameron) that the government has funded - to the tune of £113,000 - two Islamic schools in England that promote Islamic extremism.
I don't know if this allegation is true or not (it was made by a politician of after all) but, if it is true does that mean that Great Britain is funding Islamic terrorism/training camps?
If that's true then are we now going to be invaded by the USA?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Not So Brave Harry Brown

Harry Brown - Michael Caine's latest blockbuster - is receiving, in the main, rave reviews. If you didn't know, it's a sort of British Death Wish movie with Caine playing an elderly vigilante who tackles a violent gang in London.
People falling over themselves to heap praise on the film gush about it tackling 'difficult issues' etc etc.
Problem: any figures you care to look at will tell you that the majority of gangs in London are black (90% according to some sources) with the second largest percentage being southern Asian. So what percentage does that leave for white gangs? Not much, so you've guessed it (or seen it) the gang in Caine's film are white.
So there's still one 'difficult issue' that this so called brave film is unwilling to tackle.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

We're all Chinese Now

It has been widely reported this week that human remains have been found in China that pre-date the previous earliest dated human remains that were found in Africa by quite a few thousands of years.
So, for all the people who say 'we're all African' can we now say to them 'no we're all Chinese now actually'?

British Population To Hit 74 Million

It is reported today by the Office For National Statistics that they expect the population of Great Britain to grow to an amazing 74 million people within the next 20 years.
The rise, they say will be driven mainly by immigration and the high birth rates of immigrants and ethnic minorities.
Even the stupid among us can now surely see that white people will be a minority in this land within a couple of generations.
Does this matter? Does mass immigration matter? If there are free and open borders - as advocated by the Liberal Party and the Greens (and I think secretly by the Tories, and not so secretly by the Labour party if 'the proof of the pudding' is anything to go by) then if there are these free and open borders we can also travel/emigrate freely. One world one nation one race etc. But that's no good at the moment really because with free and open borders and the free movement of people economies would collapse. So at the moment at least (ever?) 'free movement' I don't think is sustainable. In an ideal - and perhaps non capitalist - world maybe (arguably) it would be. I personally think that most migrants are economic migrants so is capitalism (and corruption) the real driver of immigration? If every country in the world had a decent and fair economy with good social conditions for the people then they would by and large have no great desire to move I think. But that's not easy to achieve!

What about white people in Britain becoming the new ethnic minority in their home land? Does this matter? In left wing thinking this clearly does not matter. Left wing ideology is supposedly colour blind.
But in my view multiculturalism just is not working. There are massive tensions brought on by it, through cultural differences, religion and yes, race. It's not working (even according to Trevor Phillips), so until it does work (and I honestly don't think it can) then one particular race being ethnically cleansed from it's homeland is wrong, be that race Blacks in Africa, Asians in Asia, Native Americans in America etc etc - or Whites in Europe.

Labour, Liberal, Conservative or The Greens WILL NOT tackle immigration. Period. The Liberals and the Greens don't want to and won't really claim to while Labour and the Tories will both talk tough but both are committed to Europe and multiculturalism (ask them), so they won't tackle it either.

So who will? UKIP? Maybe. The BNP? Definitely.
So there it is, the reality. You either accept/embrace that Britain will soon become a non white (minority white), non Christian, very overcrowded country or you vote BNP.
An easy choice for some a 'devil and the deep blue sea' choice for others.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Politically Correct Wanted Poster

A man has been arrested in connection with more than 100 sex attacks in London dating back to 1990.
The attackers victims have been between the ages of 63 and 93.
The police have been obviously looking for him for years now and he has been reported by his victims to be black.
A little while ago the police produced an artists impression of the attacker. Here it is:
As you can see the artists impression is of a white man.
What can I say?!
A politically correct wanted poster?
It's a bit more serious than that really isn't it?

Friday, 13 November 2009

Disgusting Footballers

Every time I watch football on TV and there is a close up of a player during the game they are always either spitting, swearing or emptying their noses.
Disgusting really.
Bad mannered millionaires. Nothing new there.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hypocrite Simon Cowell

I know that I shouldn't blog about the X Factor but having watched tonight's farce I just can't help it.
NOT going over the details of the show my point is this: Simon Cowell is a spineless hypocrite - he has said all along that JedWard should not be in the contest and that if they won he'd leave the country. So tonight he had the chance to kick them off the show - the chance he'd been waiting for, and... he bottled it - no, not bottled it actually, you see JedWard give the show publicity which equals money which is all Cowell cares about obviously.
He didn't kick them off and as a result of this someone else (talented) got kicked off.
So, in essence, Simon Cowell is a money grubbing spineless lying hypocrite (allegedly).
I feel better now.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Last night was of course Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, or Fireworks Night. It's Guy Fawkes Night to me though as it is all about Guy Fawkes.
In my youth (the 1970's) we kids/teenagers used to build giant bonfires in the week building up to Guy Fawkes Night. We would go around people's houses knocking the doors and asking them if they had anything for the bonfire and they'd always give us old clothes, piles of old newspapers and the like - we always ended up with at least one settee by the way! We also used to go into the local woods gathering fallen branches etc.
And then there was the Guy. A clumsy bag of rags cobbled together with an old hat plonked on top for good measure. We'd do 'penny for the Guy' and with the cash we'd get we'd buy fireworks.
Each housing estate in my home town had it's own bonfire and the night of Nov 4th we would have to keep guard of the fire because lads from the other estates would come to set fire to ours prematurely! We were no angels in that respect either.
There was only one 'organised' (by the Scouts) event in the town.
How times have changed.
In my town (and most others I fear) there are no unofficial bonfires. Health and safety.
There are now actually no 'official' bonfires in my home town. Too expensive insurance.
What we have now is a firework display provided by the local council (very good as it happens) and a Chinese lantern procession. What?! Chinese lanterns!!
What the hell has that got to do with Guy Fawkes night?
Last year we had a display by Romanian fire dancers!
No mention this year or last of Guy Fawkes. Do kids know what it's about (5th Nov)?
Another British tradition disfigured by trendy left wing 'inclusive' multiculturalism I'm afraid.
And this is in not particularly multicult or 'right on' Wales - I can't imagine what's going on in some of the inner cities (I can and have read about it actually).
All these little things are adding up to the eventual complete erosion of our traditions and way of life.
This is not a rant against ethnic minorities but against the mainly WHITE liberal British hating people who have somehow seized power without any of us actually noticing!