Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baroness Scotland Idiocracy

The current Baroness Scotland nonsense is as clear cut a case of Idiocracy as I have ever seen...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Nuclear Iran

I'm not quite sure exactly what Iran is doing at the moment re the nuclear thing. If they are trying to make a nuclear weapon then I think that that is a very bad thing.
BUT...who the hell are we, the USA, France or anyone else to tell another country what they may or may not have??!!
We after all have these weapons.
I'm no fan of Iran and as I say I think Iran with an atom bomb (or whatever it is that they're called nowadays) is a bit of a potential disaster (a hell of a potential disaster actually), but who exactly elected the USA, France, GB, Russia, etc as the worlds judge jury and police.
There's something not quite right and very hypocritical about it all.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

An Inconsequential Post

This is a short and rather inconsequential post but here goes.
Why, after having done the washing up and having searched around in the washing up water in the bowl with your hand for any remaining utensils (and definintely not finding any), why after this when you tip the bowl up to empty the water out there is always a teaspoon lurking in the bottom of the bowl as the last dregs of water swirl away down the plughole!?
Never a knife, or a fork, or a knife and a teaspoon - or even two teaspoons. But always one solitary teaspoon.
Why is this?
Maybe it's just me.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Eddie Izzard's Marathons

Well done Eddie Izzard! But am I allowed to criticise him?
It seems not, looking at the press today, everyone is falling over themselves to heap praise on him.
What he's done of course is an amazing physical feat. But one that has probably permanently damaged his health.
An amazing physical feat yes, but at the risk of being howled down he has NOT in my opinion run 43 marathons in 52 days.
His 'marathons' have been taking an average of 10 hours!! Now walking pace is about 6 1/2 hours.
Say no more.
I know he's speeded up of late to about 5 hours and I repeat an amazing physical achievment but in my view it's been little more than a sponsored walk/trot.
I'm narky about this because I'm a runner (10k) in training for a half marathon and if I complete a half marathon then I'll be over the moon and I feel Izzard (or in fairness to him it's probably the press more than him) is diminishing the achievments of real runners who train hard and properly.
Sour grapes perhaps...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

In Defence Of The Postmen

The main issue at the heart of the postal dispute is this:
Years ago when a postman finished his delivery early he would return to the office and be made to sort mail until his shift ended then go home.
If he finished his delivery late he would book overtime for this.
Of course this booking of overtime was obviously open to abuse as no-one knew if the postman really was late or just swinging the lead.
So Royal Mail came up with a solution called 'job and finish'.
Job and finish was this: if you returned to the office early having finished your delivery then you could go home early, but if you returned to the office late you did not get overtime for this.
So, it saved the firm a fortune in overtime and postmen also got to go home early on quiet days.
But soon after all of this Royal Mail stopped taking on full time postmen. Every time a full time postman left/retired/got the sack he was replaced by a part timer on (say) a thirty hour contract and the remaining full time postmen would then absorb the ten hours of work (between the forty hour job and the new thirty hour postman).
This of course led to a gradually increasing workload for the remaining full time postmen.
Fast forward about five years to today and in most delivery offices the full time/part time ratio is about fifty fifty.
You can imagine the increased workload.
Where in the past there was a 'swings and roundabouts' approach to things (you'll make time somedays lose time others) now it's a case of 'you'll lose a little time some days and a lot of time others'.
If a postman asks a manager to be paid for the extra work he has to do (some days up to three hours) he's told 'job and finish' - you'll make up the time on quiet days, which of course now is rubbish.
So postmen are now working probably about forty five hours a week for forty hours pay - which is okay if you're salaried but postmen are NOT they are contracted to be paid by the hour.
So there you have it. The actual CRUX of the dispute.
There are other things going on of course and management and the union will fall out all day long, but for postmen it's all about being forced to work for nothing.
How do I know all this - well it's because I am a postman of course!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Dig Deep for the Greedy Bankers

I may be wrong but (it has been known) it seems to me that bankers/banks destroyed their own businesses and brought the country to it's knees by their arrogant greed. The government then bailed them out (but they are still as greedy and arrogant as ever by the way with record bonuses this year) and now to pay for that bail out we have to endure savage spending cuts which will amongst many other things inevitably hit hospitals and schools.
So, to put it simply, greedy fat pig arrogant bankers are to be bailed out by our children and the sick.
Is that putting it too simply??
And this is supposed to be  a Labour (Socialist?) government!

Monday, 14 September 2009

We're All Suspected Weirdo's Now

There's a lot of discussion in the media at the moment about the CRB checks everyone who has just about anything to do with children will apparently have to have.
These checks are of course designed to see if people are convicted paedophiles.
One thing that's struck me about all of this (and I have not heard discussed) is why are there so many convicted paedophiles walking amongst us? (and are we all under suspicion? - of course we are!)
Once someone has been convicted of such crimes I think they should lose their liberty. There is no cure for paedophilia so we must remove them from society.
Wouldn't that be easier than checking (and suspecting) every man and his dog?
And morally right to boot.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Supermarket Airconditioning

Every time the sun comes out nowadays it seems to me that the people in charge of supermarket air conditioning think that it's really hot (it mostly isn't that hot of course) and then crank the air con up to ridiculous levels, (or do they crank it DOWN).
Anyhow, with this recent spell of fine weather that we've been experiencing every one of my local supermarkets that I've walked into the temperature has been about -5! (Well it seems like that).
The supermarkets are full of shivering shoppers having just come in from outside (where it's pleasantly warm) wearing shorts, T shirts, vest tops etc and WALLOP they plunge into an Arctic airflow.
Why? What's wrong with these supermarket air con people?
It can only be a matter of time before someone (probably me) gets stranded, caught out in the open in the dried fruit aisle or wherever and dies from exposure.
My advice - pack a sweater.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Harrow Mosque Protest

Breaking news, Stop the Islamification of Europe (sounds like a good idea to me) were gathering in Harrow to protest about the building of a new five storey mosque when trouble broke out.

My favourite quote from this story so far: Unite Against Fascism were also present to "defend the mosque", they said

We have a very serious situation developing in this country. Revolt, division and civil strife is afoot. .

Semenya War

South Africa is threatening 'war' over the row about it's athlete Caster Semenya (the she/he row).
Well to be honest if that's what their women look like - I don't much fancy a fight with their men!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Brief Scare

'Boyle is 'edging closer' to Porno' -I read this headline on the BBC News website and thought - 'oh my God - Susan Boyle - never!!'
My mind played wild tricks on me for a moment but it was actually all about a potential project by the film director Danny Boyle.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

BBC Look (In Vain) For Moderate Muslim Opinion

'Muslims welcome jet plot verdicts' crows the BBC headline with multicult smugness.
I've noticed whilst reading about the said plot to blow up aeroplanes with liquid explosives that has been in the news today that a key word has been either missing or not often used in the reports. And that word is 'Muslim'. But, in an embrace of the Muslim community the BBC have used it here - in a positive way of course. In all of their other headlines it has been 'terrorists' or 'three men' or 'plotters', but not 'Muslims'.
So I read on, and this story is of course supposed to be all about Muslims 'welcoming jet plot verdicts', and the BBC have obviously gone to great lengths to find Muslims who 'welcome jet plot verdicts', BUT... read the article and you will see these quotes from supposed moderate BBC approved Muslims-

-could leave Muslims feeling persecuted and hostile towards Britain, he stressed.

"We should not be taking people's liberty away if the evidence is not there to justify it," he said

"It makes no sense to engage in actions that will anger many in the Muslim community here

Why did we have to have a retrial? Because they didn't get the result that they wanted the first time, so they got it at the second time, so the guys didn't stand a chance."

"Walthamstow, being a Pakistani Muslim community, the faith in the police is not really there no more when it comes to terrorism."

-but have warned that government anti-terrorist powers should be used wisely

But the UK's role in military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq had helped radicalise the plotters

warned of some Muslim scepticism that a retrial was needed to get the convictions the authorities sought

British Muslims are just as horrified and appalled by stories like this as ordinary Britons - perhaps more so because it reflects unfairly on themselves and their faith

"I think the word 'Muslim' shouldn't be attached to such an activity," said the woman. "I think the word 'Muslim', 'mosque' and the religion he belongs to shouldn't be attached to this activity

Her husband said: "There are one billion Muslims in the world, so everybody's reputation is damaged saying a Muslim has done this."

This is supposed to be an article showing the Muslim community in a positive light!!!
I'd hate to see what a 'hatchet job' on them looked like!
The BBC have gone out of their way to give moderate Muslims a chance to speak up for their communities and faith and distance themselves from the extremists but it has in my opinion showed the Muslims in a very poor light.
If these are the opinions of the so called moderates then we have a huge huge problem.
Maybe the average Muslim has more in common with the jet plotters than with the average indigenous British man in the street. Maybe, maybe not. But the whole multicultural thing does not seem to be going too well to me.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

English Defence League Clashes

Have a look at this report in the Mail of the English Defence League clashes yesterday in Birmingham and then contrast the picture's that the Mail shows with the ITV video at the foot of the report (shamelessly intrusive film trailer at the start of it by the way).
You'll see plenty of Muslim thugs in the Mail's photo's but none in the very PC ITV report which makes it look like it was the 'EDL' vs the police.
One caption for a photo the Mail used made me laugh though as it said 'police hold back members of the public protesting during the event' - members of the public!!??

Friday, 4 September 2009

Hands Free Prats

Don't you just hate people who use those 'hands free' mobile phone thingies that stick to your ear - I mean hate people who use them when they're not driving?
People who walk along with them stuck to their ears and carry out a phone conversation (usually shouting) on the street or in the workplace for example.
If they're near to you when they start having a conversation (phone call) you can actually think for a moment that they're actually talking to you.
This has happened to me several times - ie: someone near to you (it's particularly startling when you don't know the person) starts saying the like of 'oh yeah well I told him to just sod off and he said to me...' and when this happens you sort of jump and say 'oh - what - pardon!' then you realise that they're actually on the fuckin' phone!!
Annoying arrogant prats.
I feel better now.