Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Have you seen the film Idiocracy?

For those of you who haven't I'll briefly give you the gist.

A man 'awakes' five hundred years into the future and finds that society has 'dumbed down' so much that he is now the most intelligent man alive.

Needless to say the world has gone to pot and nothing works.

Well I think that quite possibly if we continue with the current and widespread trend of promoting people within the workplace (also in the media and public office) based purely on their gender or ethnicity as opposed to their ability to do the job then this 'Idiocracy' scenario could well await us!

Don't believe me? well just take a look around you every day, in your own life and on the news for example.

Do you see many people in prime jobs - for reasons previously mentioned - who are wholly unqualified for and incompetent at the roles?

Need I say more!?

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