Friday, 21 November 2008

BNP Persecution

Who are the most persecuted minority in Britain today?

Why BNP members of course!

Could you imagine stolen, illegal lists of say, homosexuals or Communists or Freemasons or cross dressers or sex offenders or radical Muslims being published?

No of course not.

The self same liberal left wingers who are now gleefully and illegally publishing the BNP members list and those that are gloating over it would be up in arms over the human rights violations of the above groups.

And as for Labour's Jacqui Smith smugly wondering why people should be 'ashamed of being named as BNP members', well it's not that they are ashamed, it's that in the main they fear verbal and physical attacks by Smith's party supporters!

Can you imagine the intimidation of any other minority group (including paedophiles!) being tolerated by the authorities and media in the way that has happened with the BNP story this week?

No, BNP members truly are the modern day equivalent of 16Th century Catholics in England or the Communists in America during the McCarthyism era.

The liberal fascists that rule this country have never sunk so low.

Who's next??

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Anonymous said...

Be careful what you think - the thought police are listening!