Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sir Trevor Brooking and Immigration

Sir Trevor Brooking has been talking recently of his concerns over the number of foreign players coming into the English game (football of course) and the effect this has on our own home grown players.

Brooking argues - rightly I believe - that by bringing in foreigners who are already trained to a high standard by foreign clubs our clubs no longer have to go to the time, trouble and expense of training our own youngsters.
He argues that this is obviously bad for our youngsters and bad for the English (and British) game.

Commentators in and out of the game and from Left and Right pretty much agree with him.

There are obvious differences of course but doesn't his argument obviously strike a chord in relation to wider society in general, and if - as it is - his argument is agreed by nearly all in relation to football, then why is it that the same argument applied to society in general is usually howled down?

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