Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sophie Warne

The widely reported case of Ashan Sabri who knocked over and killed Sophie Warne has interested me in several ways over and above the 'breach of his human rights' way in which it has been mainly reported.

Firstly it was stated by Sabri's defense team (successfully appealing against his deportation to Pakistan) that because his wife is Christian she could possibly be persecuted in Pakistan.

If this is indeed true then where has the 'tolerant' Islam we hear so much about gone?

Could I get away with suggesting that a Christian might be persecuted for his/her beliefs in Pakistan?

I doubt it.

Secondly, Sabri got just three years for causing death by dangerous driving - he had no license also.

This sentence is obviously not long enough.

Thirdly, part of Sabri's defence was the fact that he has an eighteen month old daughter ('Family Life' argument), now then, if my maths is correct, eighteen months plus nine months (pregnancy) equals twenty seven, so, by my reckoning his daughter was conceived in July/August 2006.

He was, you may know, jailed for his crime in July 2005 - for three years - he shouldn't have been out in August 2006 and if he was and he then got his wife pregnant then it's obvious (fairly) why he got her pregnant and should now therefore be made inadmissible!

It all appears to have paid off for him.

Justice it seems, for Sophie Warne, has not been done.

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