Monday, 10 November 2008

Native American Racial Purity

Whilst watching the excellent
'Stephen Fry in America' last night on BBC1 a thought struck me.

Mr Fry was in Monument Valley, Arizona, interviewing some native americans - Navajo I think - and looking at the modern day Navajo I wondered just how many of them were pure descendants of the original Navajo.

Most of them perhaps? Or have most/many of them over the years mixed with other native American tribes or even mixed with whites/blacks.

Then I casually thought that it would be a shame if the wonderful and unique native American peoples were to mix with other races and become diluted to the extent that they died out.

But wait a minute I thought - this is racial purity type stuff worthy of white supremacists or even Hitler!

If it's important (and I think that it is) that the native Americans for example retain their 'bloodlines' for want of a better word, then surely it's just as important for all races?

Well yes, and if that's the case, then I'm talking here amongst other things about the racial purity of the white race and an end to mixed marriages!

This is controversial stuff!

I'm not against mixed marriages - people should, in my opinion be able to do what the hell they like (within the law) - but looking at the Navajo in the USA for examle I'd say to them 'don't do it!'
So where the hell does that leave me?

Confused - that's where - with some unwelcome and conflicting thoughts having entered my head!

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