Friday, 24 July 2009

Off to Turkey - Back in 16 Days!

Well I'm off on holiday today to sunny Turkey - I can't wait to see the back of this awful weather.

Turkey of course is in Asia - not Europe - and will always be to me an Asian country despite the best efforts of the EU. Whatever happens it will of course always be geographically in Asia.

When I was in Turkey two years ago (in a little village called Yesiluzumlu twelve or so miles up in mountains inland from Fethiye - the same place that I'm going this time) the talk then in Turkey was of joining the EU, and to a man every Turk I talked to said that they thought this was a bad idea, and that they didn't consider themselves Europeans.

They thought that the Turkish politicians were keen on entering the EU in order to line their own pockets at the expense of the Turkish people. I think they were about right.

What the mood of the Turkish people regarding EU entry is now I don't know, but I'll find out.

And as for the Turkish people themselves - speak as you find - I thought they were very nice, very patriotic also with a statue of modern Turkey's founder Ataturk in every town and village.

Anyhow, I'll be back in sixteen days - happy blogging!!

BBC Anti-Semitism Reporting

Reported on the BBC website today (and elsewhere I presume) is the rise in UK anti-Semitism.
The story was all about the rise in 'racist' attacks on Jews, Synagogues etc.

But what got me about the whole thing (I don't condone anti-Semitism by the way) was the fact that as the main picture the BBC used a picture of 'a swastika daubed outside a Manchester Synagogue'.

Now this of course suggests (deliberately) that these attacks are the work of 'right wing' Neo-Nazi's - BUT - on reading the article it becomes perfectly clear that the vast majority (all?) of these attacks are the work of Muslims who are pissed off (for a change) about Israel and the middle east etc etc etc.

The BBC have - as far as I can reasonably tell - reported the truth, but by using the photo that they did have tried to muddle people's thinking and turn them against anyone who may 'lean to the right'.

A very cheap shot indeed.

Will they ever give up with all of this brainwashing rubbish?

Not unless they're made to.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Racist Police?

A report released today by the Commons Home Affairs Committee declared that there still exists in the British Police Force (I won't use 'service') racism.

The chairman of the committee - MP (disgraced of course - aren't they all?) Keith Vaz - commented on the 'blatantly disproportionate representation of particularly black people in the criminal justice system regarding numbers held on the DNA database'. (I paraphrase).

I'm sorry for pointing out the bleeding obvious but isn't there such a blatantly disproportionate representation of particularly black people in the criminal justice system regarding numbers held on the DNA database because particularly black people are disproportionately criminal?

This is a fact. For whatever reasons. But this is a fact. Proportionately black people commit more (many more) crimes than white people so there are going to be proportionately more of them on the criminal DNA database.

It's not racist to point this out.

What does Vaz want the police to do - let black people off crimes so as to balance things?


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Amir Khan's Connections

Last night in Manchester Amir Khan won a version of the World light welterweight title (WBA) by beating Ukranian Andriy Kotelnik on points.

Now I'm not going to knock Khan (I'm not going to mention the fact that when he was ko'd in one round by Breidis Prescott last year he said that some members of the crowd booed him because they were jealous 'I earn more in a few fights than they earn in their entire lives'), I'm not going to mention that - whoops!

Anyhow, my point is really all about the aforementioned Prescott.

As I have mentioned he ko'd Khan last year. And of course last night Khan won the WBA title (against a non puncher, Khan has been VERY carefully matched not facing any puncher other than Prescott) but on Friday night Prescott lost a split decision in Las Vegas on a nothing sort of bill to one Miguel Vazquez.

It's all about connections, Khan the darling of the British multicult media has them, Prescott hasn't.

If, for some reason you think my gripe is based on some sort of racist agenda against Khan you're wrong. I liked him when he turned pro and thought his naivety was quite engaging but has been replaced by a kind of arrogance.

Also on the race thing, one of my all time great sporting heroes is American boxer Marvin Hagler - who of course is black.

Also Prescott is Colombian...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Easy Divorce Tragedies

Man kills his five kids because his wife is leaving him, here.

This is happening more and more nowadays because of easy divorce and the laws in divorce being heavily weighted against men.

Another result of the do what you like liberal society?

A tragedy whatever the reasons.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Head of What?!

I received a letter today from my local 'Head of Schools and Inclusion'.
Once again, I just don't get it.

Monday, 13 July 2009


White woman sues white bosses for racism, here.

I don't get it.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Metric Britain Lies

I've just heard an American reporter talking to Sky News (Britain) and he said something in miles then apologised and said 'I don't have that figure in kilometres'!!!!!!!!!
I beg your pardon?!
This is what has happened in this country - the likes of Sky and the BBC keep harping on in kilometres and metres and people (the Americans for example) think that we actually use these measurements - we don't! We use (officially) miles and feet not kilometres and metres.
This is all a part of the 'Eurification' of Britain and is a load of bollocks.
I don't blame the American reporter but Sky, the BBC and British politicians in general.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Afghanistan Smokescreen

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said today that Britain's military battle in Afghanistan 'is about the future of Britain'.
Mmm...... so we send an army half way around the world to fight a war against Islamist extremists but back home in GB we are actually letting the country flood with Muslims and bending over backwards to pander to their every whim.

I can't help thinking that Afghanistan is a distraction, created while the British hating Labour government quickly usher the radical Islamists in through the back door.

When the dust settles and the troops return home it will be too late.
The Islamists will be here.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Say It As It Is - A Black Crimewave

Another 'common denominator' murder (see previous post also).

Come on people wake up!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Honeytrap Murder

And the common denominator in this story is...?
I'm sorry but this just simply HAS to be addressed.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Appeasing The Muslims on 7/7 Anniversary

On the 4th anniversary of 7/7 when MUSLIM terrorists killed innocent people the Daily Mail carries this shocking piece.

Shocking in many ways not least the headline: Far-Right extremists 'are plotting spectacular terrorist attack in UK', police warn

and: The chilling warning comes after last month's startling gains by the BNP in the local and European elections

and: Abdurahman Jafar of the Muslim Safety Forum, where the concerns were raised, said: 'Muslims are the first line of victims in the extreme right's campaign of hate and division and they make no secret about that.

and: Last month a white supremacist with links to the BNP shot dead a security guard at Washington's Holocaust Museum in a racially-motivated killing.
'Muslims are the first line of victims in the extreme

how dare the police link this garbage to the BNP's election success!
The 'chilling warning' was given by an appeasing sell out cop to a meeting of 'British Muslims'. Say no more.
And what (who) the hell is the 'Muslim Safety Forum?
And how may I ask was the Washington Memorial killer linked to the BNP?
We all know who the REAL terrorists are in this country. Shame on the police and shame (again) on the Daily Mail.

Monday, 6 July 2009

The White People of Wales

I had a glossy booklet through the post the other day from the Welsh Assembly Education Department.

And on the front cover was a picture of six children.

Before I go on I'll tell you that the population of Wales (according to the latest census) is 98% white. That's 2% non white by the way.

Back to the cover of the education brochure and those six children - you've guessed it - only TWO of them were white. That's 33% white, 67% non white.

This is outrageous attempted brainwashing by the PC Welsh Assembly.

How do people not notice what's going on?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Animal Fur

Thanks to the Battle For Britain blog for leading me to this site and organisation and some of the most shocking stuff that I have ever seen.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Swine Flu UK

'Swine flu cases in Britain could soar to 100,000 A DAY by next month, Government warns'
I've always thought that this swine flu thing was a bit of a non story really - but if the above headline is true (and it's been widely reported) then we're going to have serious problems.
To relate the seriousness of the 100,000 a day figure think about this:
To date in this country we've had 7,000 cases.
Mexico (which we all think of when we think of swine flu) has had a total of just 6,000 cases.
The highest total cases of any country to date is the USA with 28,000 cases (the 1 million quote this week you may have heard of for the USA was an estimate by a scientist - only 28,000 cases have been confirmed).
The global total to date so far is 77,000 cases (every time you Google it the figure rises of course!).
And we are predicted to have 100,000 new cases a day confirmed in Britain by next month!
Oh dear...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

'The BBC Has Learned'

I hate that!
Often nowadays on the radio news just before a (left leaning) news item (or at least what the BBC decree is a news item) the newsreader says 'the BBC has learned'.
Are they reporting the news or making the news?
Blurred boundaries.