Friday, 30 January 2009

Rank Hypocrisy of 'Foreign Labour Protest' Union Officials

Got 'em!

I have watched today's news with growing incredulity at the behaviour of the union officials involved in the protests over foreign workers in this country.

For sheer hypocrisy read this from The New Statesman of two years ago.

The best bits of which are:

From 11 September in Brighton, the Trades Union Congress will demonstrate its enthusiasm for the free movement of labour with a show of tolerance towards the current inflow of migrant workers, mainly from eastern and central Europe. Far from clamouring for controls, the unions will back an open-door policy and oppose any government move to stem the flow.


"We favour the free movement of labour and intend to say so loud and clear." (TUC)


Some, such as the Transport and General Workers' Union, the shopworkers (Usdaw) and those in the building trade (Ucatt), are already recruiting among migrant workers.


Instead of fearing workers from eastern and central Europe as a threat to members' jobs, the unions regard their arrival as a stimulus to organise.

None of this is surprising but what is unbelievably shocking is that now, today, union officials are showing so called solidarity with their members and protesting against the influx of foreign labour.

They are liars and should be exposed as such.

As I said, got 'em!


Anonymous said...

They are pure scum mate!

Their response is to bang on about "equal opportunities"

You pay your dues for them to produce leaflets demonizing a legitimate political party!

I fucking hate them!

JPT said...

Me too.
I think 'left wing Nazi's' best sums them up.

Flashman said...

Unions no longer represent the British worker. They are the liblabcon mouth pieces.