Sunday, 11 January 2009

Racist Prince Harry and Princess Tony

Prince Harry makes a so called racist remark (PLEASE no-one be surprised by this) and a British Royal Marine is killed in Afghanistan (the thirteenth Royal Marine to die in action in the last two months).
No prizes for guessing which of these two stories the media is most interested in.

Harry in my opinion is a dick, but is he a racist? I couldn't give a shit really.

The real story and the real scandal is that our troops are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan every day, and, to boot, the man who sent them there (Princess Tony) is on his multi million dollar tour of the USA without a care in the world.

Note: Blair's wife was always Cherie BOOTH in this country (a right on feminist) but in the USA she uses the name Cherie BLAIR in order to cash in on her husband's name. What a principled woman.

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Prince Harry is as far removed from reality as this Government.

He annoys the hell out of me when he goes spending thousands on a night out in a London night club when some people don't even know where there next mortgage payment is coming from.