Sunday, 25 January 2009

Paul McCartney Wife No3

I heard on the radio today that (Sir) Paul McCartney is to marry for the third time.
This got me thinking.
I remember when he was married to his first wife Linda, people used to say 'Paul McCartney with all his money and fame could have any glamorous woman in the world he wants and he chooses Plain Jane Linda'.

When Linda sadly passed away some of those same people cruelly said 'well at least he can get himself a smart missus now!'
And amazingly he then married someone with only one leg! And with a personality that had all the warmth and charm of an unflushed toilet (allegedly).

The second marriage has obviously come and gone, and today I hear that he's to marry for the third time.
I haven't seen a picture of his new intended yet, nor do I know anything about her personality.
I can only guess...


Fidothedog said...

Well at least he told his ex to hop it.

She claimed he was her crutch but not going to do the mono legged jokes as think they are prosthetic.

Damon Lord said...

Heather Mills-McCartney was such a liar that at the end of the court case, even the judge thought she was fakin' and he thought she actually had two legs.

Wolfie said...

Apparently the new girlfriend is fully flushed, but there is some lime-scale under the rim.