Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The White Barack Obama


Barack Obama is of mixed race (not black).

He was raised by his white mother (his black father being 'absent' after Obama reached two years old).

He only met his black father once after the age of two.

His black father died a lonely destitute drunk (in a road accident).

His white mothers heritage was mainly English with some Irish, Dutch, French, Welsh, Swiss and German - totally European.

His white grandparents played a huge role in his upbringing.

All we hear about is the black Obama, but the white side of his life has surely shaped him more - it was his white mother and grandparents who brought him up - he had nothing to do with the black side of his family during childhood.

He seems to be disowning his white roots, why?

The media lackeys around him are also ignoring his white roots, why?

Is white something to be ashamed of now?

Are the English and Irish, Welsh and Germans, Swiss, Dutch and French cheering in the streets today because one of 'their own' has been elected to the White House (or should it be the Black House now?)?

Is the white race becoming something to be ridden roughshod over - an irrelevance, a nuisance, something that is getting in the way of this brave new world?

This is a very dangerous game that they are playing.


Jeannine said...

The whole thing is about color. These people are the true racists. Imagine if 90% of whites had voted for a candidate. How would that have been reported?

JPT said...

I believe it was 95% of blacks that voted for Obama - which quite frankly is scandalous.

Anonymous said...

Presumably with a 5% margin of error, JPT?!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I believe it was 95% of blacks that voted for Obama - which quite frankly is scandalous.

I understand your point, JPT, but bear in mind that American blacks generally vote from 88% to 95% (depending on the election) for the Democratic Party's candidate anyway. What actually mattered more is Obama's party - his race was actually a secondary consideration. If he'd been a conservative Republican, there would have been perhaps a 10% swing in the black vote, but not more.

The Democratic Party, by pushing non-stop left/liberalism for the past 40 years, has done more to harm American blacks than any other organization in modern US history. Yet they continue their electoral success through vote-buying and good ol' fashioned race-baiting. That, I believe, is the true scandal.

As for President Obama's upbringing, from what I have read it appears his mother and his white grandfather were left-leaning guilty white liberals long before the affectation became fashionable.