Monday, 26 January 2009

Channel 4 and the Crusades

I'll be brief.

Channel 4 is to broadcast a documentary (part of a series) on 1st Feb 7.00pm called 'Christianity: A History'.

This particular episode deals with the Crusades.

It is to be presented by Rageh Omaar, a black Somalian Muslim.

Would it have been too much to expect a British TV company like Channel 4 to perhaps show things from a white Christian point of view - being that the Crusaders were white Christians?

Maybe they are showing it from a white Christian point of view but are just using a black Somalian Muslim to present the programme. I doubt it.

Behaviour worthy of the BBC I think.


Fidothedog said...

I wonder if the focus on the Crusades will start at the time of Christians heading to the middle East or about 150 years before.

At that time 1/3 of the Christian world including Spain was under the heel of the moslem barbarians.

Even cities such as Rome itself had been looted, in Milan a mosque was built after the church was burned down.

Methinks selective history will be used.

James Higham said...

Absolutely typical.

monkey said...

Tere was a program on Islam not long ago done by a none muslim.
But i do agree, islam hate all other religions so to do a report on any other kind of religion would only provoke a bias report.
Its bollocks complete utter bollocks.
The BBC however has suprissed me in their stance on the apeal its a shame that every other Channel has sold out to terrorism.

Fidothedog said...

Hell I would love a chance to do a program on that, I did the Crusades and the factors that led up to it for my history exam in School.

I shall be watching just to find what he misses out, what he spins and what lies he may well slip in.

JPT said...

I shall be watching as well.

I'm also very surprised by the BBC with their stance over the appeal.