Saturday, 24 January 2009

Incy Wincy Black and White Children

My four year old daughter has a book called 'Incy Wincy Spider and Other Action Rhymes', it's written and illustrated by Patrice Aggs.

It's a modern book (2005) and published in London.

It has illustrations for every rhyme in the book, and this is where my problem lies.

Like the sad person that I am I counted the people in the illustrations. There are 184 of them (people). You can guess can't you - 92 white and 92 black.


Truly shocking the way that our children are being brainwashed into this multicult nonsense.

Apparently there are about 10% of people in this country who are non white.

So, if the book was to portray reality then it should have had about 18 black people in the illustrations and 164 white.

But it had 92 of each.

It is terrible brainwashing that is evident everywhere nowadays but is particularly bad in children's books and TV.

And of course if anyone dare to speak out against it then they are shouted down as a RACIST.


D.Meyers said...


Please tell me it at least contained the original versions of childrens rhymes such as 'Bah bah BLACK sheep' rather than 'Rainbow sheep'...

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Have you noticed the number of non-white news presenters? I even visited Devon last year and the regional newsreader was asian, despite the fact I saw one asian person in a week! Children's TV presenters are over represented too, it's clearly a way of making them accustomed to non-whites.

Anonymous said...

It`s sickening, virtually everything nowadays has multi-ethnic people smiling at you, except when it`s to portray something criminal or negative, then it`s typical working class `chav` whites only!

Have you ever seen an ethnic portrayed in a negative light?

They are never the bad guys on the soaps/dramas on telly.

When a drama seeks to portray a paedophile they are always white middle aged blokes, when in reality most noncing is committed by young muslim men, a fact the film makers and police refuse to acknowledge!

JPT said...

D Meyers:
The book has mainly traditional and original nursery rhymes (but not baa baa black/blue/green etc sheep), but it also has one about turtles and one about mosquito's that I have never heard of before and must be of afro/carribean origin I presume.

'it's clearly a way of making them accustomed to non-whites.'
Spot on mate.

Britain Awake:
The worse offender here is the Bill (which I refuse to watch but see the odd clip as my wife watches it) the criminals in this pile of crap are always white and the victims seem to be mostly black.
Talk about role reversal!

Thud said...

I am the white half of a mixed marriage....luckily the other half knows that being English is more important than clinging on to any third world nonsense and is as angry as me at the in the face attitude of the media.

JPT said...

I just like the truth to be honest.
I wouldn't want Kenyan books for example to be illustrated with mainly white faces.

monkey said...

hahaha RACIST, you cant say anything of sorts with out some one calling you a Racist. The word is thrown about so much nowadays without regard to its real meaning.