Monday, 5 January 2009

Adopt a Dog/Donkey/Bear/Dolphin/African...

Every time I turn on the TV nowadays there seems to be an advert for one charity or another urging me to 'adopt a dog' (your new friend will write - like fuck he will), sponsor a dolphin (I only eat tuna friendly dolphin by the way), save a dancing bear (do they send them to the Twilight Home for ex Dancing Bears where they waltz every night away?), sponsor a donkey (£1 per eeaaww perhaps) or even send money to save the life of an African (which African?).

All very noble causes of course and presented in ways designed to tug at the heartstrings (and purse strings) of some people.

But to me, they all seem almost a little fake or contrived.
These adverts almost seem like some kind of money making scam.

Why's that then????



Can't say I've noticed any of these ads. All I've seen are the RSPCA ones.

I like animals and I hate to see them treated cruelly but I doubt all the cash with some of these organisations goes where it's supposed to.

JPT said...

I'm an animal lover myself (got three dogs), these adverts tend to be mainly on satellite TV I think.

James Higham said...

Have to be very careful these days with organizations wanting things from you.