Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gordon Brown's Soundite Politics Come Back To Haunt Him

Gordon Brown famously said 'British jobs for British workers'.

He didn't mean it.

I knew when he said it that he was lying. Others did too. Many believed him however.

Now those words have wonderfully come back to haunt him.

He only said what he said in order to assuage people's fears over immigration. It was classic soundbite politics. Lies.

He knew when he said it that he couldn't stop foreign workers coming here because of EU law (and specifically how Britain has signed up to it).

But the real truth of the matter is he (and his party) don't want to stop foreign workers from taking the jobs of British workers because Labour don't give a shit about the British people because in the eyes of Labour we are all 'Europeans' - ie: one race, one nation one people etc etc.

This is perfect humiliation for Brown. Enjoy his squirming. And never before have I seen such a high profile example of senior politicians being exposed for the liars that they are.


electro-kevin said...

It really is down to EU membership, isn't it JPT ! Having said that there is definitely a self-serving political class clinging to the levers of power in our country - they do everything for themselves and to Hell with the British people themselves.

Of course he was lying - his "I meant TRAINING British workers" sounds like the disingenuous bullshit it is.

Anonymous said...

All these workers flitting around Europe must be playing havoc with the environment!

Better burden the British public with more "green taxes"

The BNP Chronicle said...

Hi JPT I've added you to our blogroll.


JPT said...

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