Monday, 16 February 2009

Portuguese Lorry Crash & the PC Police

The tragic case of the family of six wiped out by a Portuguese lorry driver has stole the headlines today as the driver, Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva received the predictable pathetic sentence (three years, which is six months per life taken of course).

What caught my eye about this case though was the first reaction after sentencing of Supt Guy Hindle, from Cheshire Police, who said: 'This tragedy is not about foreign lorry drivers on British roads'.

My God!!!!!

After an horrendous tragedy and weak sentencing like this all that the right on PC Police can think about is the usual diversity/community cohesion/multicult/open borders bullshit.

The brainwashing is obviously going better than anyone dared hope for.


Jeannine said...
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Anonymous said...


The freight should be dropped off at a port and transported by British lorries!

These foreign drivers don't pay our road tax, so they shouldn't be on our roads!

That goes for the irish as well!