Monday, 2 February 2009

Deliberate Misunderstanding of British Jobs for British Workers

It seems to me after watching tonight's BBC News that the BBC, the unions and the government are deliberately misunderstanding the 'British Jobs For British Workers' dispute.
As far as I can see it the dispute is this: if there are British workers who are capable and willing to do any particular job then they should always be hired ahead of foreign workers as a matter of principle. End of.
The way that the BBC, the unions and the government are choosing to see it and report it is that it is all somehow about the rights of foreign workers to be employed with the same pay and conditions as British workers!

This is not the case at all.

The strikers want, plain and simple, British jobs for British workers. They don't want foreigners doing British jobs when there are British workers ready willing and able to do them.

This simple fact is unpalatable for our ruling elite and they are stuffing their heads in the sand and waiting for it to go away.

But I think that when they come up from the sand to take a look around things will have got a whole lot worse for them.

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monkey said...

the Unfortunate thing about it is that our government makes us part of the European Union and in doing so gives every tom dick and Hans the right to a job in our country. But you would think that the company would stand up and do the people of blighty a favour only to get sued by the lefties for discrimination. Labour detroyed this contry in everyway possible and it will takes years to try and put a fraction of this right. Wankers!!