Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shocking Statistics

I overheard the back end of something on the radio this morning that said that one in nine people living in Britain at the moment is foreign born.

Add this to the stat that apparantly one in ten people living in Britain is non white (a good thing the multicults would say of course), and one in five babies born in Britain at the moment is born to a foreign mother (that's the most shocking of all I think) and you have quite an alarming picture.

Where will we be in ten years time?


Damon Lord said...

And how is this alarming? Never in the entire history of mankind have people been so mobile, and that's a good thing.

For the record, my fiancée is not of British origin, non white if you prefer it that way too, but has now taken British citizenship. When we marry and have kids, statistically our kids will be amongst those one in five.

It doesn't matter what colour you are or where you're from; if you're here in the UK, speak one of the languages of these isles (legally recognised as Welsh, English or Scottish Gaelic), have entered legally, work hard and pay taxes, sing God Save the Queen, uphold the British laws and integrate with British culture, then you're welcome.

Damon Lord said...

"Never in the entire history of mankind have people been so mobile, and that's a good thing that people are able to be so mobile" I mean to say.

JPT said...

It does not matter to you or your fiance right now but believe me it WILL matter in a few years time when your fiance is settled here and your children are born and bred here, the floodgates will remain open and you and your family will say -whoa!!
Some of the most outspoken critics of the recent eastern european influx have been second generation Asian and Afro Carribean immigrants, and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

@ Damon 'gay' Lord...

No offence mate, but your bird will dump you in years to come, she will see the errors of her ways and go back to her own!

You will end up a gibbering wreck!

Why you couldn't find a decent white woman only you will know, you are a sad man... no better than a paedophile!

Work hard and pay all the taxes you like, sing 'God Save The Queen' with your non-white slag, but the outcome will be exactly the same!

You have a miserable existence in front of you!

Statistics prove this point!

Damon Lord said...

Britain Awake: I shan't even deign any of your offensive racist comments with an answer.

JPT: The issue with Eastern European immigrants is quite obvious; the common quote is "they come over here taking our jobs", but it's sometimes not the case. I know of one factory in S. Wales where the factory is despairing at recruiting amongst locals; even though they are regularly advertising, they get little response, that's why they employ Poles, including a Pole I know. Locals whom I know then despair at being unable to get a job, but it's often laziness. "They come over here taking our jobs..." Nah, they come over here, doing our jobs, paying taxes to fund lazy slobs to buy Stella Artois on the dole.

JPT said...

The welfare state has undoubtedly made our own people lazy, the eastern Europeans are not lazy BUT when they are entitled to all the benefits that our people are, will they become lazy also?

Anonymous said...

If this is allowed to continue its only a matter of time before sharia is the law of the land. How do you feel about that Damon? Would you like to see the legalised rape of children? How about the stoning of women who`s husbands decide they have been unfaithful just because they have been raped but dont have four male witnesses to collaborate their story. I could go on. Maybe you think this is a fine idea. I and many others like me do not.

Damon Lord said...

Anon: Eastern Europeans, which appear to be part of the focus of this debate are mostly not Muslim, so the implimentation of Sharia law is not likely by a group of Poles, for example, which I believe are the largest immigrant group to the UK at the moment. As for the introduction of Sharia law, that is why the integration of any immigrants is important. The Archbishop of Canerbury's comments on the introduction of Sharia law shows he's just a shit-stirrer.

As an aside, I thought this was an intelligent place to discuss issues of the day, but judging by the unfortunate bigotted attitude of other readers of this blog, I'll take my leave.

James Higham said...

Too true.