Monday, 9 February 2009

The BBC Can Stick Their Centimetres!

Why do the BBC insist on using centimetres rather than inches?
It's a rhetorical question of course. The answer is that they are anti British and pro European. Simple enough.
The most recent example has been when they are talking about the weather and particularly the recent snow, they say 'and we can expect up to eleven centimetres' or 'on high ground last night there were reports of twenty five centimetres'.
Inches please!
They know that we don't understand centimetres, the arrogant pricks are deliberately confusing the whole country in the name of their pro Europe agenda.
And another thing is when they talk about people's weight in kilo's! 'He's seventy four kilo's' or whatever, they'll say instead of twelve stone six or whatever it is.
Kilo's in regard to somebody's weight means absolutely nothing to the average Brit, stones and pounds everyone understands but that won't stop the BBC using kilo's - they even use kilometres sometimes now instead of miles!

It's all part of the stealthy destruction of our national identity that is being shamelessly led by the BBC.


Jeannine said...

I don't do well with the metric system at all. Arthur grew up with is so he prefers it.

Anonymous said...

Imperial is a bit of a pain in some respects, but it is the standard for speed and distance on our roads...

Are we gonna replace every road sign in Britain at the tax-payers expense?

30mph zones will appear as 50mph, so more chances of getting caught speeding etc.

No doubt a multi-million pound advertising campaign will inform us of the 'switchover' to metric nearer the time!

If foreign drivers cant understand our road signs thats their fault, we shouldn't be forced to adapt to their ways!

But there again, thats the way we are forced to live our lives in Britain these days...

Constantly bending over backwards to accommodate these outsiders!

Anonymous said...

PS. Regarding accomodating tourists coming to the UK, the majority are from Anglophone countries... USA, Canada etc. and they are used to imperial anyway!

Why go out of our way to confuse them as well?!

James Higham said...

The imperial/metric battle rages on.

Fidothedog said...

I remember when The Sun reported on John Prescott having a tiny 2inch cock, the BBC I noticed did not report that in mili thingys.