Sunday, 28 December 2008

USA Tourists in Dangerous Britain

You know how bad things have become when the crime riddled (so we're told) USA is warning it's citizens about to travel to Britain of the dangers here.

The US State Department has told it's citizens to be on the look out for many dangers in Britain including rape (tellingly enough by unlicensed cab drivers - say no more), muggings, cash machine scams and strangely it warns them to be wary of having their drinks spiked (would that be tea or coffee?).

They're also warned not to walk in parks after dark and to be wary of 'train derailments'.

Bizarre stuff, but from a Britons point of view a bit scary really.


The BNP Chronicle said...

Since the majority of them would be visiting London I totally agree with that warning, Our own government should be issuing warnings to our own people about visiting that festering ulcer on the face of England.

James Higham said...

That's a good one - the U.S.A. giving out a warning on crime.

JPT said...

BNP Chronicle: Yes, London has become very 'enriched'.

James: It appears that's how far we've sunk!

Thud said...

outside of a few inner city areas america is much safer than UK...I'm back in California in a few weeks and for two months my family can live free from any fears of's a pleasure we don't experience here I,m afraid...besides that...Happy New Year.

Jeannine said...

From Arthur's book, March of the Titans:
In 1992, the figures they produced were first given as a total for America, and then broken down into two racial categories of "Black" and "White". Under the FBI's classification, Mexicans are also classed as White, so separate statistics for this group do not exist.
While this is of course scientifically incorrect, these are nonetheless the only statistics which are publicly available on the matter, and for sake of factual correctness, these figures are used as is in the table below. In addition to this, the European crime statistics for similar crimes have been laid alongside the American statistics for comparison.
Comparison: Crimes per 100,000 Population

I tried cutting and pasting but the chart went all to hell, so you'll have to go to the middle of the page to see it.

Sources: FBI Uniform Crime Reports for U.S. data, The Economist for European data. European data for 1990; American data for 1992
As the table shows, Americans as a whole are more violent than Europeans: twice as likely as Frenchmen to commit murder and more than five times as likely as Germans to commit robbery.
However, as is clear from the separate calculations for American blacks and whites, (done by the FBI themselves) it is the very high rates of violent crimes by blacks - eight times as high as Whites for murder and more than ten times for robbery - that yield this result.
These figures actually overstate the white crime rate, because of FBI's inclusion of Mexicans into the white category.
These figures have a bearing on the perennial American debate over gun control. White Americans, who have easy access to guns, are less likely to kill each other than are the British, who are almost completely disarmed.
This comparison with Europe proves that whites in the United States have neither a unique "culture of violence'' nor inadequate gun laws. America has a high rate of violent crime because it has a large number of violent black criminals.

If the other races are stripped out of the figures leaving only whites, the murder rate is much higher from UK whites at 7.4% as opposed to 5.1% for US whites (which also includes Mexicans, South Americans, Arabs, etc. according to the US government).

Most of the US (excluding urban areas) is very free of crime. In most parts of Pennsylvania, for example, one can leave the doors unlocked and sleep or go away with nothing happening. I never lock my car when shopping, etc.

JPT said...

You don't have to cut and paste - I've got the book!
I read it from cover to cover (took me a while) and I must say that it is one of the most eye opening books that I've ever read and I would (and frequently do) recommend it to anyone.
It addresses things that practically no-one dare speak of anymore, but these are things that when you think about them are really staring you in the face every day.
I agree with your point by the way!

Jeannine said...

Thanks, JPT. I knew you had the book, but there are lots of people who don't. Being an American living half the time in the UK I try to dispel the myths (on both sides of the Atlantic) when I can. :-)