Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Vladimir Putin's Era of Cheap Gas

The era of cheap gas is coming to an end, Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told ministers from the world's major gas-exporting countries today.
The era of cheap gas ?
I pay £98 a month for mine at the moment in this era of cheap gas.
How much, I wonder, will I be paying when this wonderful era of cheap gas ends?

I think I'll buy a wood burner.


electro-kevin said...

That's alright until EVERYONE buys a wood burner.

JPT said...

Then we stop destroying forests in order to make: junk mail, packaging for crap we don't need, free newspapers, rubbish trash magazines, free magazines (these exist on every subject imaginable), hoardes of cardboard boxes etc etc etc etc.
Back to basics I say, only have what we actually need.
Within limits of course.
Laptops of course we need, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if we can reduce this country`s population by 20 million, our north sea reserves will last a little bit longer. Instead of building more housing for immigrants, we can plant forests to provide bio-fuel!

It`s the immigrants using all our gas... they don`t like the cold do they?