Thursday, 18 December 2008

Unemployment Figures

Unemployment is announced as 1.8 million - a terrible figure - but what is the real figure I wonder?

What particularly makes me wonder about this is a news report I read the other day about five people living in the same house - Mum, Dad, and three kids (the kids had all left school) - all of whom were unemployed. The mother had never worked.

But what made my ears prick up was, at the end of the article, it was said that none of the family count on the unemployment figures because they are not 'actively seeking work' - but of course they are out of work and still getting benefits!

So what's the real unemployment figure then?

I'm sure I don't know, but I reckon that 1.8 million is just the tip of the iceberg.


Thud said...

On my travels to various builders yards I see countless youngish men either shopping,lazing or driving around with cars full of any of them work? Whilst staying in California, if I go the shops I just tend to see yummy mummies..people seem to work out there...something is deeply wrong here.

Anonymous said...

The reason Nu Labour are so keen for young people to go to university is because is helps keep unemployment figures down. I mean what's the benefit to society of a graduate of Golf Studies from Runcorn Polyversity?

Of cousre it also means a few more years of indoctrination...

Anonymous said...

The real figure of `economically inactive` is around 9 million. But at least 50% of these will be forced into some form of unpaid work in the next few years.

Their lives revolve around the welfare state - they`re housed and fed by it!

Soon it will be payback time, the government has an army of slave labourers to choose from, why pay someone to do a job when you have benefit recipients over a barrel!

Bang goes a lot of jobs because the doleys will be doing them. If they don`t they end up homeless...

Thanks to mass immigration and this government we`ll all be working for nothing in future!

JPT said...

Unrepentent British Nationalist - 'a few more years of indoctrination' - spot on.

Britain awake - 'economically inactive' - I like it!

Thud - something IS deeply wrong here.

electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...

It's grim.

A great reckonning is on the cards. 60 million people and only enough natural resources to sustain 30. Entire generations who've never known what it is to work.

True figures on unemployment ? Concensus says 5 million which would have been categorised thus prior to Nu Lab spin. Economically inactive as Britain Awake says.

Things are going to get nasty and our equal opportunity driven police farce (full of dwarves and fat women) won't be able to cope. Keep a sharp knife under the bed... better still a shotgun.