Sunday, 7 December 2008

No Clue Cameron

David Cameron writes in The Mail on Sunday today of his desire to fix Broken Britain (again).

He particularly touches on the cases of Baby P and Shannon Mathews.

But his solution for these sorts of dysfunctional family disasters is amongst other things more help for parents in the first year of a child's life 'because this is the time that parents are more likely to split up'.

Couples! Families! Parents! Split up!

Is he kidding?!

Split up! - these sorts of people are not 'together' in the first place!

Women like Karen Mathews etc , drop kids like they drop their knickers - as often as possible!

Fathers and husbands are just not an option for most women like this, and if they occasionally are an option then they are of the 'here today gone tomorrow' variety.

Privileged Cameron cannot be expected to understand this sort of mindset - and he doesn't!

Maybe he means well but he just doesn't have a clue.

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Anonymous said...

It's soundbite politics I'm afraid mate.