Sunday, 7 December 2008

Left Wing Decadent Amsterdam Bullshit

Apparently the authorities in Amsterdam are to close around half of the cities brothels and half of it's 'coffee shop' drug dens in an attempt to curb organised crime in the city.

Well well well.

This really is one in the eye for the legalise prostitution and legalise cannabis and legalise everything brigade.

We've always been told by these smug arrogant twats that if we legalise these things then (amongst many other wonderful things) it would drive organised crime ie: pimps and dealers away.

Obviously a load of bollocks as I always suspected then!!


Mark Wadsworth said...

That's because the Dutch only sort of semi-legalised brothels and cannabis (aka 'de-criminalised).

What if cannabis were treated exactly the same as tobacco? With proper legalisation, regulation, taxation and education?

What is the level of 'crime' associated with tobacco in the UK? OK, a bit of duty evasion and smuggling, but that's no great shakes, is it?

JPT said...

Point taken, but my main beef with cannabis is that I firmly believe that it rots the brain.
I've got several friends who have been quite heavy users for many years and I kid you not they're all barking mad!
But that's a different issue, I accept.

Jeannine said...

I don't know a single high achiever who smokes pot on a regular basis. I find it ironic that smokers of tobacco are demonised while at the same time smokers of cannabis are lauded.

I quit smoking cigarettes over twenty-one years ago, but when they began making such a fuss over it with all the new legislation, it almost made me want to start up again.

JPT said...

'I find it ironic that smokers of tobacco are demonised while at the same time smokers of cannabis are lauded.'

That's a good point - and one that I'd not considered before!

Vinogirl said...

Here in the wacko SF Bay area it seems everyone wants to grow pot cos they all have glaucoma and bad backs...take a pill I say, that way you don't smell like a skunk.

JPT said...

'cos they all have glaucoma and bad backs'.

Sound like dodgy excuses to me!