Monday, 8 December 2008

Car Thieves in This Area

Increasingly nowadays, in car parks mainly, I come across a sign that says something along the lines of this: 'Car thieves operate in this area'.
I beg your pardon?!
So the police know that car thieves operate in a certain area and instead of trying to catch them they put the onus on the potential victim by basically telling them to watch their backs.

What next? Rapists operate in this area? The potential list is endless.

This is a blase attitude by the police that just accepts that criminals will do their thing and that's that.

I get the feeling that if your car WAS nicked from one of these areas and you told the police they'd just say 'well we did warn you!'

The police should put signs up saying 'Car thieves - we know you operate in this area - we will catch you and then cut your hands off'.

Well maybe not 'cut your hands off' but you get the idea.

The police are becoming a criminal appeasing joke.

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