Friday, 5 December 2008

Shannon Mathews Soul Searching

So an independent review has been ordered into the Shannon Mathews case.

"I think it is important that there is an independent review of the history and records of all agencies' dealings with the family. '' said Kirklees Council leader Robert Light.

Children's Secretary (didn't know we had one) Ed Balls has even waded in with "I don't think that court fees, or anything else should ever stand in the way of local authorities doing the right thing to make sure children are safe."

I think, as usual that the powers that be are barking up the wrong tree.

All they can see fit to do is to try and introduce more procedural bullshit into the bullshit organisations that they have created.

How can social services etc stop this sort of thing happening again they ask?

Well I think that they should look at the whole case from the angle of this: how can the society that they (successive left wing governments that is) have created, have itself created creatures like Karen Mathews and her cohorts?

THEY have created this society and this society has created these people.

Soul searching time for the liberal elite?

It should be, but I doubt it will be.

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