Friday, 12 December 2008

Shhhh - Don't Mention They're Muslim!

Two stories in the news this week have been absolute cover up's.

Firstly the widely reported case of the teacher in Oldham who told a class of seven year old's that there was no such thing as Father Christmas.

Now, my alarm bells started ringing when in all of the reports on this the teacher was not named.

Why? I suspected the obvious.

So, I did a bit of research and came across a report in the Oldham Evening Chronicle that shed new light on the whole sorry business.

Here I quote one of the parents 'The reason she told the children this story is because she is an Asian woman who does not believe in Christmas as she celebrates Eid.'

As I suspected!!!!!!!!!!

I listened to a radio debate on this story and at NO point was it mentioned that this teacher was Muslim even though that fact is the key to the whole thing!!

Her faith has almost certainly played a major part in why she said what she said but no-one dare mention it (in the mainstream media) for fear of being called a racist.


Next up is a story of twenty dogs seized in a raid on a house in Smethwick yesterday during a police investigation into dog fighting.

Three men were arrested and the police did not, and have not, named the men.

Alarm bells again.

Investigations by myself discovered that the house that was raided was the same house that was raided in a similar investigation in 2007, and you've guessed it: as a result of the 2007 raid a Muslim man was subsequently convicted of staging dog fights.

Say no more.

Once again the media (and in this case the police) are deliberately suppressing the fact that people involved in quite high profile 'bad news' stories are Muslim.

The British public it seems cannot be allowed to make up it's own mind about Muslims and Islam.

They both hate us, so are the radical Islamists and Liberal Left somehow in cahoots to destroy us from within?

Of course they are!

Soon it will really be too late.


islandshark said...

I replied to your comment at English Rose blog too.

You are absolutely correct of course.

Political correctness is a tool devised by marxists in the 1920's to break down our western culture.

JPT said...

And I fear it may be working.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember reading this mate, I think thats what was floating around in the back of my mind when i wrote the `yorkshire terrier` article!

The fact she is a muzzie is very relevant to this incident, both the media and police always cover the real facts up!

You can read between the lines in a lot of press releases nowadays, as i say one of the buzz-words that should set the alarm bells ringing is `community`...

Once that is mentioned you know its ethnics involved, this just goes to show how skrewed-up this PC society really is, it acknowledges to itself that these people are not part of the general public in general!

One things for certain though mate, we know the crippled woman wasn`t a muslim, cos they won`t have dogs anywhere near them...

Just like the wont touch alcohol and drugs...