Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Human Rights Centred Approach Policing

Yes, that's how Chief Constable Matt Baggott of the Police Service of Northern Ireland described his officers handling of the riots in Belfast last night.
It looked to me like an embarrassing namby pamby capitulation and non effort by the Police.
It reminded me of the police at a demo in London a few years ago in their hi vis vests (lots of WPC's amongst them of course) walked backwards for about 2 miles while being attacked by a baying Islamic mob.
The police nowadays seem to be all or nothing.


Anonymous said...

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Mthoko said...

Maybe when my President Mugabe says the West has little to lecture him about when it comes to human rights, he is actually on to something?

Berryl Cholif Arrohman Nurriduwan said...

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