Friday, 4 September 2009

Hands Free Prats

Don't you just hate people who use those 'hands free' mobile phone thingies that stick to your ear - I mean hate people who use them when they're not driving?
People who walk along with them stuck to their ears and carry out a phone conversation (usually shouting) on the street or in the workplace for example.
If they're near to you when they start having a conversation (phone call) you can actually think for a moment that they're actually talking to you.
This has happened to me several times - ie: someone near to you (it's particularly startling when you don't know the person) starts saying the like of 'oh yeah well I told him to just sod off and he said to me...' and when this happens you sort of jump and say 'oh - what - pardon!' then you realise that they're actually on the fuckin' phone!!
Annoying arrogant prats.
I feel better now.


Red Squirrel said...

I know exactly what you mean. A rather irritating and self centred woman used to come to my home and then carry on long conversations with her relatives on one of these. Then she had the cheek to say to someone else "I'm not going around there again, she just ignores me and is on her computer all the time." LOL

James Higham said...

I detest them and want to press the button which goes zizzzzzzzzzzzappo!!! And they're electrocuted.

Dr. Dave said...

I usually think they're possessed and pick up the nearest heavy object and club them over the head, only to see their little ear widget go skittering across the sidewalk, to be crushed under the wheels of a passing car.

But then I'm a serial exorcist, so I guess I have a problem I should see someone about.

The Machinist's Wife said...

Ha! "Exactly".

How pompous to think that somebody = anybody else might want to listen to their conversations. Where's privacy, restraint and patience gone?

MK said...

Yeah it is annoying, i also noticed that when they're on their phones, hands-free or not, they seem disorientated, if you're walking towards them on the sidewalk you'll see they move around and end up in your way.

JPT said...

MK: - I've noticed that too!
TMW: - It's a general lowering of standards I think.
James/Dr Dave: - I think that's illegal.
RS: - You're better off without her!