Monday, 14 September 2009

We're All Suspected Weirdo's Now

There's a lot of discussion in the media at the moment about the CRB checks everyone who has just about anything to do with children will apparently have to have.
These checks are of course designed to see if people are convicted paedophiles.
One thing that's struck me about all of this (and I have not heard discussed) is why are there so many convicted paedophiles walking amongst us? (and are we all under suspicion? - of course we are!)
Once someone has been convicted of such crimes I think they should lose their liberty. There is no cure for paedophilia so we must remove them from society.
Wouldn't that be easier than checking (and suspecting) every man and his dog?
And morally right to boot.


Dr. Dave said...

Or we could put them all on their own island so they can bugger each other.

JPT said...

Dr Dave: Not much of a punishment for them though.

James Higham said...

Paedo James calling Paedo JPT - we're all paedos now, brother.

Uncle Bob said...

Would you like a sweetie James?

The WV is inulickd. Is taking the piss?

MK said...

"There is no cure for paedophilia so we must remove them from society."

Definitely, some people want them executed, i'd settle for putting them into chain-gangs to work for us.

Anonymous said...

Unless the people are not from the uk in which case the crb will say no record making them safe to work with anyone evem they are rwandan genocidal ex leaders the crb will have no record of them,making them safe.

JPT said...

Anon: Good point