Friday, 25 September 2009

Nuclear Iran

I'm not quite sure exactly what Iran is doing at the moment re the nuclear thing. If they are trying to make a nuclear weapon then I think that that is a very bad thing.
BUT...who the hell are we, the USA, France or anyone else to tell another country what they may or may not have??!!
We after all have these weapons.
I'm no fan of Iran and as I say I think Iran with an atom bomb (or whatever it is that they're called nowadays) is a bit of a potential disaster (a hell of a potential disaster actually), but who exactly elected the USA, France, GB, Russia, etc as the worlds judge jury and police.
There's something not quite right and very hypocritical about it all.


Anonymous said...

I expect Israel to move past the hypocrisy and get right to the reality.

James Higham said...

It's jockeying for war, that's all. Out of that, the EU can sweep in and take over plus the SPPNA.

JPT said...

Nickie: I think you're right.

James: Forgive my ignorance - SPPNA?

subrosa said...

I think today's statement is the beginning of war with Iran. It was the sweetener for us plebs to think Iran are a worse threat than any other country which holds nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Its not Iran we should be worrying about!!!

India's WMD program is far more serious, ballistic missile subs, ICBM's etc...

Whats the point of economic sanctions against Iran when India receives £825 million a year from the UK?

Indias democracy is far more unstable than Irans!

Hopefully these lunatic states will eventually end up obliterating one another, lets hope Iran, Israel, India and Pakistan all go up in one big mushroom cloud!

MK said...

Iran is a country that has stated quite explicitly that it wants to wipe out other countries.

A very simplistic way of looking at it is, would you like the local criminal gang to be allowed to buy machine guns, bombs and other military equipment.

We may have nuclear weapons, but we are not threatening to use them at a whim and another important distinction is that in countries like America, Britain and even India the governments are answerable to the people. That is not the case in an Iran.

JPT said...

MK: As I say, Iran with an A Bomb is a very bad combination!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A good point. Subrosa is probably right - we are being manipulated into another pointless war.

Jeannine said...

[W]ho exactly elected the USA, France, GB, Russia, etc as the worlds judge jury and police.

I wholeheartedly agree. I think we should withdraw all of our troops and let the Middle East fight it out amongst themselves. May the best man win.

Francis W. Porretto said...

"...who exactly elected the USA, France, GB, Russia, etc as the worlds judge jury and police."

Why, you did. Specifically, the rest of the world backed away and decided, by its collective inanition, to let America handle all its international messes.

Continental Europe last showed a shred of willingness to act in its own defense in 1918, Britain in 1945. Then you stuck us with the job -- and it's cost us $150 billion per year ever since then, so don't think we haven't felt the burden.

Unlike Europe, Americans aren't willing to see Israel destroyed so there won't be any greater unrest in the French banlieus or the streets of London. Americans aren't willing to let the world go to Hell so welfare-state addicts can enjoy their non-work weeks and Council housing. So we act. Most of the time, anyway.

If you don't like it, feel free to raise an enormous military establishment of your own and fight us.

JPT said...

Francis: Fine. So if America were to elect a radical Islamic government bent on world domination?
That would be okay would it?
As long as you've got the biggest army your policies are deemed to be best for everyone in the world I take it.
Very very dangerous.

ExGeeEye said...

"If" is a game for children. Adults deal with "is".

But for the sake of discussion, I'll play:

"IF America were to elect a radical Islamic government," it would be the last to fall. You (or your surviving countrymen) would be praising the US for finally embracing Islam and joining the Ummah.

JPT said...

I don't want to be 'down' on the USA - I like the USA and american people (I've been there a few times, got married there, and hope if I can to run the New York marathon next year) but I think that American politicians generally speaking let down the American people.
I don't think that war with Iran will do anyone (least of all the American people) any good whatsoever.