Tuesday, 8 September 2009

BBC Look (In Vain) For Moderate Muslim Opinion

'Muslims welcome jet plot verdicts' crows the BBC headline with multicult smugness.
I've noticed whilst reading about the said plot to blow up aeroplanes with liquid explosives that has been in the news today that a key word has been either missing or not often used in the reports. And that word is 'Muslim'. But, in an embrace of the Muslim community the BBC have used it here - in a positive way of course. In all of their other headlines it has been 'terrorists' or 'three men' or 'plotters', but not 'Muslims'.
So I read on, and this story is of course supposed to be all about Muslims 'welcoming jet plot verdicts', and the BBC have obviously gone to great lengths to find Muslims who 'welcome jet plot verdicts', BUT... read the article and you will see these quotes from supposed moderate BBC approved Muslims-

-could leave Muslims feeling persecuted and hostile towards Britain, he stressed.

"We should not be taking people's liberty away if the evidence is not there to justify it," he said

"It makes no sense to engage in actions that will anger many in the Muslim community here

Why did we have to have a retrial? Because they didn't get the result that they wanted the first time, so they got it at the second time, so the guys didn't stand a chance."

"Walthamstow, being a Pakistani Muslim community, the faith in the police is not really there no more when it comes to terrorism."

-but have warned that government anti-terrorist powers should be used wisely

But the UK's role in military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq had helped radicalise the plotters

warned of some Muslim scepticism that a retrial was needed to get the convictions the authorities sought

British Muslims are just as horrified and appalled by stories like this as ordinary Britons - perhaps more so because it reflects unfairly on themselves and their faith

"I think the word 'Muslim' shouldn't be attached to such an activity," said the woman. "I think the word 'Muslim', 'mosque' and the religion he belongs to shouldn't be attached to this activity

Her husband said: "There are one billion Muslims in the world, so everybody's reputation is damaged saying a Muslim has done this."

This is supposed to be an article showing the Muslim community in a positive light!!!
I'd hate to see what a 'hatchet job' on them looked like!
The BBC have gone out of their way to give moderate Muslims a chance to speak up for their communities and faith and distance themselves from the extremists but it has in my opinion showed the Muslims in a very poor light.
If these are the opinions of the so called moderates then we have a huge huge problem.
Maybe the average Muslim has more in common with the jet plotters than with the average indigenous British man in the street. Maybe, maybe not. But the whole multicultural thing does not seem to be going too well to me.


Goodnight Vienna said...

A Muslim spokesman on Newsnight last night said pretty much the same thing as the first 3 points in red. It makes you wonder when the lawyers will lodge Appeals!

MK said...

Back when 9/11 happened, many ordinary muslims expressed joy that it happened. There are no moderate muslims, it's as simple as that.

Their religion teaches them and requires them to engage in violent jihad, it was the example of their warlord prophet.

James Higham said...

Very difficult to find non-bizarre official Muslim opinion.

Jeannine said...

Of course none of them are representative of their community.