Friday, 18 September 2009

Dig Deep for the Greedy Bankers

I may be wrong but (it has been known) it seems to me that bankers/banks destroyed their own businesses and brought the country to it's knees by their arrogant greed. The government then bailed them out (but they are still as greedy and arrogant as ever by the way with record bonuses this year) and now to pay for that bail out we have to endure savage spending cuts which will amongst many other things inevitably hit hospitals and schools.
So, to put it simply, greedy fat pig arrogant bankers are to be bailed out by our children and the sick.
Is that putting it too simply??
And this is supposed to be  a Labour (Socialist?) government!


James Higham said...

The government then bailed them out

No - same mistake again and we've been posting on this ad nauseam - not the government - the CB. They are the problem in all of this. The government do what they're told.

Keith Ruffles said...

To be fair it was the good ol' fashioned right-wing concepts of the free market and rampant capitalism that created the whole darn mess in the first place. On these grounds alone it seems odd for you to object to Labour supporting a system that you yourself - as a self-proclaimed rightist - must support!

JPT said...

Keith: I know I put myself across as a 'Right Winger' but I shouldn't label myself really.
If I'm going to then how about a 'Right Wing, Anti Capitalist, Anti Globalist, Anti Consumerist, Anti Materialist, Tree Hugging, Anti Multicuturalist, Hang 'em and Flog 'em, Anti Corporatist, Pro Life, Anti Fur, Anti Mass Immigration, Anti Political Correctness, Pro Animal Rights, Anti War, Anti Free Market, Anti Radical Islam, Anti Brand, Pro Workers Rights (in this country and abroad), Anti Drugs, Anti Market Forces, Anti Big Business, Anti Supermarket, Anti Chainstore, Pro Organic, Pro Free Range, Anti Liberal Fascism, Anti Windfarm, Anti Bloated Welfare State, Anti Dumbing Down of Education and Entertainment, Ant Big Breweries, Pro Free Speech, Anti Compensation Culture, Anti Advertising, Anti Anti British People, Anti Anti White Racists, Anti Ignorant Racists,...I think I've run out of steam for now.
I don't think I fit into any box but because of my views on immigration and law and order I would be considered by anti free speech liberal fascists as 'Right Wing' although I obviously have MANY left wing views.
You can't please everyone - unless you're a liar.

MK said...

The fat cats should not have been bailed out, they are private institutions and as such, they are free to succeed and also must be free to fail, no matter how big they are.

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