Friday, 11 September 2009

Semenya War

South Africa is threatening 'war' over the row about it's athlete Caster Semenya (the she/he row).
Well to be honest if that's what their women look like - I don't much fancy a fight with their men!!


James Higham said...

Whom will they actually declare this war on?

JPT said...

James: Racists, probably.

The Machinist's Wife said...

If only they stood strong for Zola Budd all those years ago as they are now. Funny that, eh?

JPT, have you seen the movie District 9? It's very interesting - also made in S Africa.

JPT said...

TMW: I haven't seen it yet but I will do.

MK said...

I have a feeling that woman ain't all woman, if you know what i mean, look at her and look at the times she was posting. Hard to believe.

All the talk of declaring war and all that is just braggadocio, all talk.