Sunday, 30 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival

Last year's Notting Hill Carnival:
526 arrests
289 muggings
26 stabbings
2 shootings
1 murder
1 riot
I've gleaned these stats from various Internet sources and cannot verify their accuracy as crime figures for this event are strangely hard to find and also very conflicting for some reason.
But, who exactly gets what out of this 'celebration of multiculturalism'?


James Higham said...

OM goodness, that's not on again, is it?

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the figures this time,unless its all hushed up by mr Boris j......

Zephyr Girl said...

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Goodnight Vienna said...

I heard on the radio (LBC) yesterday a police spokesman saying that because crime was down on last year they were considering a request from the organisers to allow 'Stewards' to do the policing next year. Apparently having police do the policing is now seen as 'confrontational' to the participants. I wish they'd all just sod off and get some common sense.

MK said...

Sounds a lot like the crime that happens in most western countries stupid enough to embrace the nonsense of multiculturalism.