Friday, 14 August 2009

Phony Baloney Jobs

I've come to the conclusion that the country is being taken over by the 'Phony Baloney Job Brigade'.
These people I believe have pretty much invented their own jobs which then become invaluable.
But they are, as Mel Brooks said in the film Blazing Saddles 'Phony Baloney Jobs'.
If you look at any job page in a newspaper or online, then the plumbers, bricklayers, nurses, lorry drivers, postmen, shop assistants etc - ie: the real professions are outnumbered by all these (highly paid of course) nonsense (Phony Baloney) jobs such as: (and I quote) Community Manager, Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser, Business Strategist, Strategy Analyst, Innovation Advisor, Customer Insight Planner, Book Move Manager, Equality and Diversity Advisor, Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, Integrated Campaigns Manager... you get the picture.
Do these jobs actually do anything other than oil the greasy wheels of capitalism and enforce left wing brainwashing? No they don't.
It's all a load of self serving self important bollocks.
Come the revolution...


Goodnight Vienna said...

"Self-serving, self-important bollocks" You're spot on - what's more you can't even get through the door for an interview if yuou don't speak the language. It's a closed shop.

Anonymous said...

Something you should read ...

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JPT said...

Randy: Thanks, interesting stuff.

Vienna: A closed shop it most certainly is - and I don't speak the language!