Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sol Campbell and Football Do it all With a Straight Face

Sol Campbell the ex England and Premier League football player has this week shocked the footballing world by signing for lowly Notts County.
This is a huge drop - in football terms 3 leagues as he moves from the Premiership down to League 2.
Asked why he had made such a move he waffled on about Notts County being the oldest club in the land with great traditions and heritage, and he felt that they were a club going places, with ambition etc.
What he didn't mention however is the fact that Notts County will pay him a staggering £40,000 per week in wages. This from a club that pays the majority of it's players a bog standard £500 per week wage (that's £25,000 per year as opposed to Campbell's £40,000 per week or £2million per year).
For my sins I love football (mainly West Ham) but I have to say that at the moment the game has been hijacked by shallow money men who are fleecing the ordinary (traditionally working class) fans and throwing money at players (some in the Premier League earn reportedly around £150,000 per week!), agents earns literally millions for arranging a single transfer and corporate noses are in the trough at every game.
The people's game has been taken from the people and Sol Campbell's brass neck nonsense ('great traditions - nothing to do with the money etc') sums it up perfectly.
I don't blame Campbell and he's no different to all the others really, but as long as people are willing to pay as much as £40 to watch a match, £50 for the (latest) replica shirt and £60 or so per month for Sky TV then the great gravy train robbery will just keep on rolling.



For my sins, I love footie too being a Villa fan and having been bought up in a white working class area of Birmingham, called Acocks Green, where the noses are royal blue and the term "Aston Villa" is used as a profanity. I too am appalled by the wages that even poor quality and mediocre players 'earn' (I use the word 'earn' loosely as these jokers get from £12,000 (per week) to play golf and sit on the subs bench). At least Marin O'Neill makes them do regular visits to ACORNS hospices (The charity that Villa sponsor rather than get paid by for their Shirts). I dont buy sky, but my virgin package includes Setanta/ESPN so I saw the glorious 3-1 win at Anfield the other night! Sidetracking, JPT, at least we share the colours!

JPT said...

Titus: I had Liverpool to win that one as the last part of a three fold accumulator - I would have got a better price on Villa (and won of course)!