Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Welcome Home

Well I'm back from Turkey. Nice country, nice people, very hot.

I saw a woman on the beach over there in all the Muslim gear (don't know the technical terms), she was covered entirely other than her face. She looked uncomfortable especially when swimming. Her husband (in skimpy trunks) did not.

The newspapers are full of the same stuff as when I went away, ie: Jordan and Michael Jackson. Unbelievable.

I see at the weekend that there was violence between the anti Islamic extremist protesters and the UAF and assorted Muslim thugs. It'll get worse. The UAF has tried to tarnish the BNP with all of this. Blatant liars.

The baby P thing has been debated today on the grounds of 'should the killers be given anonymity when they come out'?

When they come out?! The fact that they should NOT come out doesn't even seem to be on the radar.

Welcome home...


USA_Admiral said...

Glad you are back and everything went well for you.

JPT said...

USA Admiral:
Thanks, the holiday however was not without hitches, the biggest of which was missing the outward flight!
The airline had brought the flight forward by three hours and apparently emailed us telling us so, but we NEVER recieved such an email.
I'm taking action against them of course (for the good it will do me).
We caught anohter flight luckily enough (9 hrs later) but it was hassle and expense.
Never mind...

Oldrightie said...

Welcome home, JPT. Persevere with your complaint. They will stall like mad but won't want the publicity. Which airport and/or carrier?

JPT said...

Manchester, Thomas Cook.

Jeannine said...

Welcome home! We were gone for 13 days and without internet all that time, and it was fantastic! :-)

Sorry to hear about your flight disaster. It once took me two days to get from JFK to Philadelphia (should have taken a half hour) and I ended up sitting in a plane on the tarmac for seven hours in 90F with no air conditioning before they flew me to Boston (!) and put me up for the night sans luggage. I recovered but have never flown Delta again.