Friday, 21 August 2009

Lockerbie Compassion

Next time you're on an aeroplane (maybe with your wife and kids) just think about what the Lockerbie bomber did and see if you can feel compassion for him.
And don't you just love the way the Labour government seem to be distancing themselves from the whole sorry mess?
They're as keen on his release as the Scottish 'government' (didn't know they had one actually).


Doubting Richard said...

As an aviation professional not only am I at more risk than most, but my working life has often been affected by security restrictions. Any person who is responsible for a mass terrorist attack should die in prison. Personally I believe that should be at the end of a life sentence, but I agree that there is a case to be made for expediting the end of that sentence.

subrosa said...

Tut tut RR, you didn't know Scotland has a government?

We even have a Parliament too. Have a wee look:

Dr. Dave said...

That bastard should have gotten a shank in prison.

JPT said...

Subrosa: I knew you had a parliament (we've got one of sorts here in Wales) but never knew you had a proper bona fide government.
My ignorance of course!

Anonymous said...

"Mr de Menezes died on 22 July 2005 aged 27, after police mistook him for a terrorist and shot him seven times in the head. The coroner, Sir Michael Wright, had already stopped the jury from returning a verdict of unlawful killing, leaving open and lawful killing verdicts as the only possibilities".

We were led to believe that a man lightly dressed was mistaken to be a bomber on the tube. However, the conclusion I make is that the police were instructed to take out the person they thought was a terrorist no matter what he was doing. It was shoot-to-eliminate.
So, would the actual murderer, the copper, deserve to be killed? Would your justice on the policeman be lighter if he murdered the correct person? Or was the murder actually done by Commander Cressida Dick - who was made out to be incompetent by the investigation - because in the aftermath she was richly rewarded with a promotion?

There is one thing governments say and another that reveals the truth in what they do.