Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Egging of Baroness Warsi

Quite big in the news this week was the 'egging' (by fellow Muslims) of Baroness Warsi, the Tory peer.
She was accused by the 'eggers' of not being a proper Muslim. One of them (Sayful Islam, a well known hardliner) said that just by looking at her you could tell that she was not a proper Muslim and that she was not a practising Muslim. He also said that he was against everything that she stands for and criticised her for supporting the war in Afghanistan.
The Baroness said afterwards that the 'eggers' were extremists who did not represent their community or faith - just like Nick Griffin. Quite how she can bring Nick Griffin into this I really don't know!!! (Still hurting after Question Time?)
But anyhow, who out of Sayful Islam - who is a man of conviction whatever you may think of his views - or Baroness Warsi - a career politician - best represents the word of Mohammed?
Game set and match to Sayful Islam I think.


DUTA said...

I like the picture with its yellow background of sand and sun light, its minarets, its camels,and arabs in their traditional garments.

As for the war in Afghanistan, Obama will receive from the Muslims the same treatment as the Baroness Warsi. Just wait and see, it will be interesting.

Teresa said...

Great Picture! I hope that Obama receives the same treatment from Muslims as Baroness Warsi did. He is way too radical.