Friday, 27 November 2009

Climate Change Morons

Twice this week on the radio (probably more if I'd paid attention) I've heard people making excuses for things using 'climate change' as a statement of fact.
First I heard someone from the Cumbrian authorities saying that the floods that they've just suffered are going to become more common as a result of 'climate change' and that the government (taxpayer) needs to address that.
Second I heard someone from Thames Water complaining about not being allowed to charge people just what they like saying that 'climate change' is a major problem for water companies and the government (water rates payers) needs to address that.
Climate change is a theory not a fact.
The government is using 'climate change' as a cash cow, we all (I hope) know that.
Now all the fat cat local authority leaders and fat cat utility companies are trying to cash in as well.
Do any of them actually know anything about so called 'climate change'? Probably not.
It's just a cliche, a bit of an Oliver Twist 'more please' for extra cash.
Very interesting stuff here actually.


Man Of The Woods said...

I saw something the other day about the Cumbria flooding. Can't remember which rag it was, but they were attributing the flooding to tropical storms and stating that we will see an increase in the future due to rising temperatures.

It was garbage. I don't claim to be a meteorologist, but I have been keeping an eye on the pressure charts for the North Atlantic and all this weather has certainly not been caused by tropical storms, it has been caused by depressions originating off the coasts of North America and Greenland.

The media of feeding us bullshit. What are they so afraid of that causes them to so blatantly lie to us, destroying their own credibility in the process?

JPT said...

MOTW: They don't give a shit about their own credibility as they think of us as morons.

Snarky Basterd said...

Go check out Grumpy Old Twat and Barking Spider. They have a great anti-AGW campaign going.

Snarky Basterd said...

BTW ... I've moved. You can find me at

Malthebof said...

Climate has always changed and will continue to do so regardless of man's activity.
What is now being pushed is that it all caused by excess CO2 emissions that is us. This is unproven, but a good way of increasing taxation. In addition pay attention to the language used, last year it was 'global warming'thias shown to be untrue so they switched to climate change.

JPT said...

Malthebof: Good point.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a scientist but...

ha ha ha

you ARE fucking morons

conspiracy with the newspapers, all to increase taxes?

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you fuckwitted cunts

do some research for yourselves, some of the comments above are fucking hilarious.

JPT said...


'conspiracy with the newspapers, all to increase taxes?'


Anonymous said...

Gravity is a theory. Are you going to tell me it's not a fact?