Saturday, 21 November 2009

Not So Brave Harry Brown

Harry Brown - Michael Caine's latest blockbuster - is receiving, in the main, rave reviews. If you didn't know, it's a sort of British Death Wish movie with Caine playing an elderly vigilante who tackles a violent gang in London.
People falling over themselves to heap praise on the film gush about it tackling 'difficult issues' etc etc.
Problem: any figures you care to look at will tell you that the majority of gangs in London are black (90% according to some sources) with the second largest percentage being southern Asian. So what percentage does that leave for white gangs? Not much, so you've guessed it (or seen it) the gang in Caine's film are white.
So there's still one 'difficult issue' that this so called brave film is unwilling to tackle.


Teresa said...

Sounds like it might be a good film to see even though its distorting the facts. Hollywood is distorting the facts in order to make blacks look good when they are more inclined than whites to join gangs. Or, could it be because of Obama? I guess they don't want to offend the black community, but don't mind offending the white community.

James Higham said...

Stats speak.

Anonymous said...

Harry Brown, Unlike Michael Caine's character in the film. Most law-abiding Britons do not have access to guns unlike the thugs who now rule the Streets. Since we in the UK do not enjoy the right to bear arms for self-defence like those in the US,

we are left with little choice but wait to become victims.

Proudly supporting:

MK said...

Exactly right JPT, and was there any mention of them being part of the BNP? I'm sure those progressive asswipes would have dragged them in there for good measure.

"So there's still one 'difficult issue' that this so called brave film is unwilling to tackle."

They won't because they know that the minority gangs and useless parasites amongst minorities are essential to them retaining power.

JPT said...

Teresa: spot on
James: they do
MK: good points
Anon: not sure about the gun issue really and not sure more guns would be a good thing but many (inc Peter Hitchens and incidentally Nick Griffin) agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Thhe film '1 day' about black gangs in Birmingham is going to be more realistic! No doubt the acting will be shocking.