Thursday, 19 November 2009

British Population To Hit 74 Million

It is reported today by the Office For National Statistics that they expect the population of Great Britain to grow to an amazing 74 million people within the next 20 years.
The rise, they say will be driven mainly by immigration and the high birth rates of immigrants and ethnic minorities.
Even the stupid among us can now surely see that white people will be a minority in this land within a couple of generations.
Does this matter? Does mass immigration matter? If there are free and open borders - as advocated by the Liberal Party and the Greens (and I think secretly by the Tories, and not so secretly by the Labour party if 'the proof of the pudding' is anything to go by) then if there are these free and open borders we can also travel/emigrate freely. One world one nation one race etc. But that's no good at the moment really because with free and open borders and the free movement of people economies would collapse. So at the moment at least (ever?) 'free movement' I don't think is sustainable. In an ideal - and perhaps non capitalist - world maybe (arguably) it would be. I personally think that most migrants are economic migrants so is capitalism (and corruption) the real driver of immigration? If every country in the world had a decent and fair economy with good social conditions for the people then they would by and large have no great desire to move I think. But that's not easy to achieve!

What about white people in Britain becoming the new ethnic minority in their home land? Does this matter? In left wing thinking this clearly does not matter. Left wing ideology is supposedly colour blind.
But in my view multiculturalism just is not working. There are massive tensions brought on by it, through cultural differences, religion and yes, race. It's not working (even according to Trevor Phillips), so until it does work (and I honestly don't think it can) then one particular race being ethnically cleansed from it's homeland is wrong, be that race Blacks in Africa, Asians in Asia, Native Americans in America etc etc - or Whites in Europe.

Labour, Liberal, Conservative or The Greens WILL NOT tackle immigration. Period. The Liberals and the Greens don't want to and won't really claim to while Labour and the Tories will both talk tough but both are committed to Europe and multiculturalism (ask them), so they won't tackle it either.

So who will? UKIP? Maybe. The BNP? Definitely.
So there it is, the reality. You either accept/embrace that Britain will soon become a non white (minority white), non Christian, very overcrowded country or you vote BNP.
An easy choice for some a 'devil and the deep blue sea' choice for others.


The Machinist's Wife said...


Vote BNP.

Viva la monoculturalism!

What a mess....

MK said...

"Left wing ideology is supposedly colour blind."

Some would argue that it despises the white race. However i don't think it's because of their racism against whites, perhaps some do, but i think the real reason is because of the superiority of western culture and the fact that whites largely make up western culture.

Lefties don't like success, and the easiest way to overtake success is to bring down the one doing the succeeding, which is what they have been doing for the last 30-40 years in some form or another.