Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hypocrite Simon Cowell

I know that I shouldn't blog about the X Factor but having watched tonight's farce I just can't help it.
NOT going over the details of the show my point is this: Simon Cowell is a spineless hypocrite - he has said all along that JedWard should not be in the contest and that if they won he'd leave the country. So tonight he had the chance to kick them off the show - the chance he'd been waiting for, and... he bottled it - no, not bottled it actually, you see JedWard give the show publicity which equals money which is all Cowell cares about obviously.
He didn't kick them off and as a result of this someone else (talented) got kicked off.
So, in essence, Simon Cowell is a money grubbing spineless lying hypocrite (allegedly).
I feel better now.


Rainman said...

Couldn't agree more. Nothing more to say on the subject, its already been said. I've had a keen X-Factor fan since the start and this latest fiasco has made me so angry that I'll not be watching it again. Simon Cowell runs the risk of alienating the public in search of publicity. He's got this wrong and he's playing us all for chumps. Saying that, by us contributing to a blog on the subject just plays into his hands. What a gutless, spineless, arrogant, SOB.

Anonymous said...

Simon tonight turned the whole XFactor into a circus. If that is what he wants, then I for one shall vote for the two clowns. Hope that makes Simon feel good. His own fault. He said this was a singing competition. He lied and I agree that he was hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear. I'm disappointed that Lucie has gone because personally I found her performances some of the most enjoyable on the show. However what really winds me up is the hypocrisy of Simon's behaviour. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Simon is a hypocrite but still a clever one. He sent home Lucy (today) and Rachel(last week) in the exact same way: by "letting the public decide". He got rid of two of the best acts without taking any direct responsibility. So the most vulnerable acts remained to compete with his team... He's a businessman and a manager, but he should be more careful.

Dr. Dave said...

I watched one episode of American Idol during its first season and decided that both Cowell and his asinine TV shows aren't worth my time. I haven't seen one since.

Anonymous said...

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