Friday, 11 December 2009

Temperatures Set to 'Plummet'!

'Temperatures set to plummet to -3c' says the headline in The Mail online.
What?! -3c!!!! It's December - it's supposed to be freezing. This is not news. Whenever we have anything like normal winter weather nowadays we get pathetic sensationalist headlines like this.
For your information, in my neck of the woods (Wales) the lows for previous December's (recorded by myself) are as follows:
2008 -6.3
2007 -5.3
2006 -4.2
2005 -8.5
2004 -6.3
2003 -5.1
2002 -2.4
2001 -7.0
2000 -10.0
1999 -9.9
1986 -3.0
1985 -10.0
1984 -2.9
1983 -6.9
1981 -11.1
The record low for Wales (it was a January) is -23.3.
So as you can see -3.0 is NOT exactly 'plummeting' and the media know that.
What's going on with them?


Coy said...

We have the same thing over here. The media is always looking for headlines that will grab attention. What once was a just another cold front is now an "artic clipper" etc. etc. etc.

I read back through some of your earlier post and enjoyed them all.

You asked about my stance on raccoon hunting where the dogs kill the raccoon. I really hadn’t given this issue much thought.
Here in Pa raccoon hunting with dogs is legal and they may be killed with firearms. I know some hunters will intentionally wound the treed raccoon and drop it into the waiting mouths of the dogs or at other times use a call to bring the raccoon down to the hounds.
In either case the raccoon is not being dispatched humanely. My position on hunting is that the animal’s life should be taken as quickly and as painlessly as is legally possible.

JPT said...

Coy: I'm with you on the hunting stance (humane dispatch if it has to be done), I'm not anti hunting per se and when from time to time I have a problem with rats (as I do) I hunt them with my dogs and ferrets. Some people would not approve of this of course. What got me onto the raccoon thing was that I stumbled across raccoon hunting with dogs on youtube and it was pretty brutal stuff with one raccoon fighting with (and eventually being killed by) two hounds for about eight minutes!
The hounds seemed reluctant to get 'properly stuck in' you may say and had to be egged on constantly by the owners, every link to this video was also of raccoons being shaken to death by dogs. Not nice. What is the difference you may ask between that and me killing rats with ferrets/dogs? Not much probably but the whole raccon thing was pretty disturbing I thought.
Maybe I'm a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

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